Certified Legal Translation Services

Are you looking for Translation Services in Qatar? Recently a new law was enacted in Qatar to preserve the use of the official language of Arabic, in a country where increasingly the most commonly used language used is English, amongst the business sector and the significant expatriate community. However, this doesn’t need to be a problem: we offer Translation Services in Qatar and Certified Legal Translations from English (or other languages) to Arabic and vice versa.

Depending on your purposes in moving to Qatar, we will be able to provide attested Arabic Translation Services and English to Arabic Translations of your educational qualifications if you are planning to attend an educational institution or pursue a training course, or even if you need confirmation of your educational status for your police clearance certificate. If you are in a scientific, technological or medical field, you may need a Translation Center in Qatar when it comes to research papers for your work, or for publication. Or perhaps you need medical records translated for arranging insurance, or settling a claim. Our translation services also cover Certified Legal Translations in the fields of commerce, travel and tourism, and media and publishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an accredited and registered translation company within Qatar?

Yes, we are proud to be registered, accredited, and legally authorized to provide certified translations. We can also provide services for your Qatar Police Clearance Certificate, as well as all kinds of document attestations whether you are applying for a job or you wish to establish a new corporation in Qatar.


Does a tenancy agreement have to be written in both English and Arabic to be valid?

All contracts have to be provided in Arabic, but you should request a bilingual format as well. Aside from your official tenancy documents, all agreements, articles of incorporation, permits, licenses, and even corporate records also need certified translations in order to be accepted in Qatar.

Can you provide an attested translation of my school transcripts for a job offer?

We can translate and verify any educational document. This will be applicable to paperwork that your employer requires like your educational certificates, your degree certificate, bona fide letters from academic institutions, your medical records, your police clearance certificate, your passports and IDs, and so on.

Why should my documents be translated in the first place?

Proper translation is an effective solution in order to overcome various language barriers in foreign countries. Legal Translation is crucial when it comes to international communication. Accurate translations are usually provided by specialized law translators with expert knowledge on both the target and origin languages.

Does advertising material have to be produced in Arabic in Qatar?

Billboards and other kinds of advertising signs have to be designed with Arabic as the main language, but they can be accompanied by another language such as English. These documentations will also include press releases, news articles, media briefs, social media posts, and so much more.

What languages are required for use on packaging and labelling of goods in Qatar?

The official Arabic translation should always appear with the primary language that is used. This also includes packaging and labelling of goods in Qatar, as well as the translations of blog content, publicity material, product descriptions, branding materials, corporate packages, websites, and all aspects of Ecommerce.

Do you have translators who are suited for scientific translations?

Yes, we can also offer specialized translations that will be suitable for submission to academic journals. Academic papers are fully focused on the subject matter, especially with fields such as biology or chemistry where there are field-specific vocabularies that must not be incorrectly translated.

Do you have translators who are suited for medical translations?

We are also knowledgeable in diverse fields and various medical methodologies, from skill sets in electronic devices to capabilities in clinical research papers. This is especially important when it comes to medical documents and reports, and records that need accurate translations to avoid costly consequences.

Do you have enough know-how to translate sensitive legal court material?

Yes. Law is very culture-dependent, so having accurately translated documents that take the nuances of culture into careful consideration is key. For instance, court transcripts and immigration translations require a meticulous set of skills when translating. Some countries also have a clear distinction between secular and religious law, all of which we can accurately translate.

What Languages are covered by the Translation Services in Qatar?

Acholi, Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Ashante, Assyrian, Azerbaijani, Azeri, Bajuni, Basque, Behdini, Belorussian, Bengali, Berber, Bosnian, Bravanese, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cakchiquel, Cambodian, Cantonese, Catalan, Chaldean, Chamorro, Chao-chow, Chavacano, Chuukese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dinka, Diula, Dutch, English, Estonian, Espanol, Fante, Farsi, Finnish, Flemish, French, Fukienese, Fula, Fulani, Fuzhou, Gaddang, Gaelic, Gaelic-irish, Gaelic-scottish, Georgian, German, Gorani, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hakka, Hakka-chinese, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Ibanag, Icelandic, Igbo, Ilocano, Indonesian, Inuktitut, Italian, Jakartanese, Japanese, Javanese, Kanjobal, Karen, Karenni, Kashmiri, Kazakh, Kikuyu, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Korean, Kosovan, Kotokoli, Krio, Kurdish, Kurmanji, Kyrgyz, Lakota, Laotian, Latvian, Lingala, Lithuanian, Luganda, Maay, Macedonian, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Mandarin, Mandingo, Mandinka, Marathi, Marshallese, Mirpuri, Mixteco, Moldavan, Mongolian, Montenegrin, Navajo, Neapolitan, Nepali, Nigerian Pidgin, Norwegian, Oromo, Pahari, Papago, Papiamento, Pashto, Patois, Polish, Portuguese, Pothwari, Pulaar, Punjabi, Putian, Quichua, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Serbian, Shanghainese, Shona, Sichuan, Sicilian, Sinhalese, Slovak, Somali, Sorani, Spanish, Sundanese, Susu, Swahili, Swedish, Sylhetti, Tagalog, Taiwanese, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Tigre, Tigrinya, Toishanese, Tongan, Toucouleur, Trique, Tshiluba, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Visayan, Welsh, Wolof, Yiddish, Yoruba, Yupik


We offer translation services for both businesses and individuals, but the main ones are certified Arabic Translation Services and English to Arabic Translations authorized by the State of Qatar. Our familiarity with the practices of all the relevant government ministries, and our long-standing experience with dealing with them, makes this easy for us, and offers a great opportunity to relieve you of this burden.

We can save you a lot of time, as you won’t have to go to one place to get Certified Legal Translations done, followed by another to get it certified, followed by a lengthy wait in a government office to submit or retrieve paperwork. We have extensive knowledge on what kinds of Arabic Translation Services will be regarded as legal in all countries, or just in a specific country, or perhaps in a select few countries. If you need a notarized translation, or a certified true copy of any translation, that comes as part of our Translation Services in Qatar.

  • Certified Translations
  • Legal Translations
  • Attested Translations

If you (or members of your family or company) want to pursue additional qualifications or training courses in Qatar and you need to prove that the necessary prerequisites have been attained, we can provide certified Arabic Translation Services for your diploma or degree certificate. This is often one step in a longer process, particularly if you hold credentials as an engineer or in some technical field that is in demand in Qatar.

For parents wishing to enroll their children in international schools, former school records will have to be submitted, probably in English, another instance when you will need Certified Legal Translations. Similarly, if you have earned a PhD or MBA, or possess any supporting educational documents or certificates, and need them for job applications, these can be expertly translated and certified. We can also undertake your article or thesis translation, or even an entire book, whether for publication or submission to official Qatari institutions.

  • Diploma Translation
  • Degree Translation
  • PHD Translation
  • Books Translation
  • Educational Certificates Translation

If you need medical Certified Legal Translations for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit or visa for yourself or your family or employees, or for pursuing a sporting activity, we can undertake medical report or certificate translations and ensure that they are accredited. There may be instances where a medical certificate is needed for insurance purposes, either to acquire insurance or to make a claim. In this case the granting of proof by an authorized medical practitioner of an individual’s medical fitness is generally needed, and this is something that we can arrange. It will save you a lot of time, as we do all the work of communicating with the necessary government offices and medical authorities on your behalf.

If you are consulting a medical practitioner and need to present medical records or documents from your own country in order to get the appropriate treatment, you will need accurate Translation Services in Qatar. And if your legal circumstances require a translated birth or death certificate, we are also equipped to supply both.

  • Birth Certificate Translation
  • Death Certificate Translation
  • Medical Reports Translation
  • Medical Documents Translation

If you specialize in manufacturing, selling or distributing technological products or services, it will probably be necessary to turn out a lot of technical guides and manuals. Or you may be importing machines or devices that come with owner/user guide and repair instructions. Either way the information will probably have to be made available in Arabic, both as a matter of practicality, and to satisfy new Qatari regulations that require businesses to use Arabic in written publications.

It is a well-known fact that technical Certified Legal Translations are the most demanding, and if we’re talking about schematics specifications or instructions for programming, clearly it is vital that nothing is lost in translation. Technical documents of any kind from records and certificates to memos and reviews are all well within our capability. If it’s a question of communicating with your team or your customers by means of memos, or even providing customer reviews, we can offer translations that are not only accurate but convincing.

  • Owner Manual Translation
  • User Guides Translation
  • Programmer guides Translation
  • Repair Manuals Translation
  • Reviews Translation
  • Schematics Translation
  • Memos Translation
  • Technical Records Translation
  • Technical Documents Translation

You may want to get into Ecommerce in Qatar as statistics show that this kind of activity is growing fast in the region. In fact, the prospects for this sort of business would appear to be good, given that a large proportion of the inhabitants are able to get online, and the population has a youthful profile. Perhaps your entire website needs translating to give yourselves the widest scope possible to attract customers.

Profitability will certainly be boosted if you have perfect Arabic Translation Services and English to Arabic Translations of your product descriptions – anything less would be detrimental to success. We can help you with decisions about branding materials to help you create an effective corporate package, or a more individual one. Either way we can help you mount a successful campaign, aimed at the Qatar market or further afield. As part of this translation services, we will ensure that your customer support base is properly served with accurate Translation Services in Qatar.

  • Product Description Translation
  • User Receive Translation
  • Customer Support Translation
  • Static Website Translation
  • Branding Materials Translation

If you are involved in research, scientific and otherwise, you may need a Translation Center in Qatar to help you with papers or scientific reports to get funding for your projects. Or you may need Certified Legal Translations of your research proposal to make it eligible for consideration for a future project. If you are an academic who wants your thesis translated for publication, or for application to a graduate program, you will benefit from our translation services.

Good Translation Services in Qatar will ensure consistency of language, correct use of terminology, accurate referencing and a persuasive tone that will appeal to the reader – far more effective than a simple literal translation. The Translation Center in Qatar has to be conversant with the field-specific vocabulary, whether they specialize in subjects like biology or chemistry, so that they can do translations as diverse as clinical research papers or descriptions of electronic devices. This is the kind of higher-level work we deliver, thus freeing you up to concentrate on the importance of the innovative scientific endeavor or research itself.

  • Research Papers Translation
  • Research Proposals Translations
  • Thesis Report Translation
  • Scientific Reports Translation

You may find yourself facing an avalanche of financial recording, simply for your own tax purposes, or at a business level, for reporting purposes, when you will need, at a minimum, a balance sheet, a report on the company’s assets, liabilities, cash flow and owner’s equity. If you need any of this information translated to meet Qatari banking or business regulations, our Translation Services in Qatar can make sure this is done promptly and accurately.

As a new employee you will often have to provide a salary statement or certificate stating officially your basic salary, any deductions or allowances, and net salary. This is the kind of document that may have to be attested for a loan application, for example, or even for residency requirements. Applications for insurance, whether for home, business, car or travel can involve a lot of paperwork, as can any subsequent claims. Having to provide Certified Legal Translations can add another layer of complexity, but this is another area where we excel.

  • Salary Statement Translation
  • Salary Certificate Translation
  • Financial Documents/Records Translation
  • Insurance Documents/Records Translation
  • Bank Records Translation

The government Ministries you are most likely to be dealing with in Qatar are the Ministries of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Justice (MOJ), and of Interior (MOI). You may at some point need accredited Certified Legal Translations done to satisfy the authorities, for example, personal documents such as your identity documents including passport or driving license, or educational certificates to prove your qualifications.

You will possibly need police records or police clearance certificates that were issued in a foreign country translated, especially if you are a large company with responsibilities for immigration issues concerning your employees. Any individual original document might have to be legally translated in a Translation Center in Qatar, then accorded certification or notarization at the state level, then be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and finally attested by your embassy or consulate. We can act officially on your behalf, with these government entities, and others, making it easy to get all the documentation done within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Identification Documents Translation
  • Driving License Translation
  • Passport Translation
  • Police Clearance Certificate Translation
  • Police Records Translation
  • Ministry Documents Translation
  • Government Documents Translation

We do Certified Legal Translations of essential documents such as contracts, and authenticate them, as part of our comprehensive translation services. Legal translations are by their nature specialized, and naturally must be accurate to be legally-binding. This is particularly important in the case of a will, which can be highly contentious in any language, so that getting a translation that captures all the nuances of the original is essential.

Contracts fall into the same category, where even a slight variation in the language could lead to an unfortunate misunderstanding. If you rent an apartment or office you will want to be absolutely clear on all the details of your tenancy agreement, which in Qatar will have to be provided in English and Arabic. This is also true of house or medical insurance policies, where an inadequate translation could lead to an unfortunate dispute. We approach Certified Legal Translations with this in mind, and whether it’s something fairly straightforward like a POA or a registration certificate or something more complicated like a divorce settlement, a great deal of care is taken to ensure that the translation renders the original precisely.

  • POA Translation
  • Contracts Translation
  • Legal Will Translation
  • Policies Translation
  • Registration Certificate Translation

Much of our work in Translation Services in Qatar relates to commercial documentation. This begins with the initial setting up of your business, with agreements and articles of association, not to mention permits and licenses. As the company grows you will have to produce corporate records. Any or all of these may need translating to meet Qatari government regulations. When the company is fully underway and turning out products for sale, you might need analysis reports to back up your sales.

Companies engaged in research and development will eventually need trademarks and copyrights, and possibly patents. The actual day to day running of the business involves invoices, and possibly packaging lists. We can also take care of one of the most exacting parts of any Ecommerce site, the terms and conditions. In fact, we can also handle one of the trickiest kinds of translations, localization, where the text is not just translated, but adapted to a region’s cultural characteristics, so that it sounds perfectly natural in that region.

  • Agreements Translation
  • Terms & Conditions Translation
  • Corporate Records Translation
  • Invoices Translation
  • Articles Of Association Translation
  • Analysis Reports Of Products Translation
  • Packaging List Translation
  • Permits & Licenses Translation
  • Commercial Documents Translation
  • Localization Translation
  • Trademarks and Copyrights Translation
  • Patents Translation

A good translation of a tourism brochure can make all the difference to a company’s success, in fact anything less than perfect will be unacceptable if you are trying to make a good impression. Travel listings must conjure up wonderful locations in the reader’s mind, with a location guide itself enticing customers with language that reflects the captivating tourist attractions on offer, while outlining all the details accurately.

Statistics show that the number of visitors to Qatar arriving from Europe and Asia is increasing, with the most recent figures available indicating over 1.8 million a year, possibly as a result of this sector being prioritized by the government. This would suggest that opportunities in tourism are growing, but of course this sector has to be backed up by good publicity, and excellent customer support. Everyone knows the power of those ubiquitous user reviews – clearly good Arabic Translation Services into the potential customer’s language will be more convincing than a half-hearted attempt.

  • Travel Listings Translation
  • Customer Support Translation
  • Location Guides Translation
  • User Review Translations

Business conferences in Qatar that attract participants from dozens of countries clearly need effective publicity, and translating as much of the documentation as possible into the appropriate target languages will do a lot to help promote these events. This is particularly vital for press releases and news articles, which can be important even for a small business that has achieved a milestone they want to celebrate. We translate all kinds of printed content including materials produced for presentations at meetings and conventions.

Online contributions to social media are also something we can handle, with everything from a simple Q&A section to an entire website being possible. Whether it’s a straightforward ad or a more complex challenge such as a mobile app, we have the resources and the dedication to take your efforts to the next level by turning out professional Certified Legal Translations that will not just present your company in a favorable light but greatly increase its chances of success.

  • Documentation Translation
  • News Articles Translation
  • Social Media Content Translation
  • Mobile Apps Translation
  • Q&A Translation
  • Ads Translation
  • Presentation Translation
  • Websites Translation
  • Press Releases Translation
  • Printed Materials Translation

Interpreter services are crucial to making sure that all dealings, whether national or international, are relayed with the clearest and most accurate messages across the board. Proper communication is key to smooth transactions, friendly international relations, and commercial contracts the world over.

For instance, interviews in press conferences, on the radio, on televisions, and various entertainment programs require professional interpretation. The same is true with emergency situations in foreign governments, such as dealings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

Hiring the services of professional interpreters will not only ensure that all Arabic Translation Services and English to Arabic Translations are accurate and culturally sensitive, but it will also save you from unwanted costs due to misunderstandings. This may be especially true with all of the interpersonal dealings at the Qatar Free Zones Authority, where most of the transactions involve both foreigners and locals alike. Bridging together people who speak different languages can help foster friendly relations and productive, fruitful partnerships everywhere—which is where Afreno’s interpreter services come in.

  • Embassies, Ministries & Government Departments
  • Commercial & Medical Interpretation
  • Conference Interpretation
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Liaison Interpretation
  • Whispered Interpretation
  • Phone Interpretation