Tendering & Company Classification

Looking for a company offering tendering and company classification service in Qatar? Regardless of the nature of your business, you will need to have your company registered and submit all of the necessary documents. In order to bid for tenders, you will need to submit accurate and complete information to the Government Procurement Regulatory Department at the Ministry of Finance. This is applicable whether you are a foreign or local company. Should you wish to bid for government contracts, you will need a classification that is given by the GPRD as a service provider, contractor or supplier. For instance, if you wish to be recognized officially as a contractor, you will need to submit details on the authorized persons in charge of project areas, technicians, labourers, engineers, etc. to be eligible for consideration.

Afreno can help you with completing all tendering and company classification paperwork submission requirements, as well as offer expert translation services and attestations to confirm the credentials of all your applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I want to apply through the private sector to the Central Tenders Committee at the Qatar Chamber?

You must provide a letter of guarantee from a local bank, make the bid valid for 90 days, and comply with the bid deadline.

What is tendering?

Tendering and company classification is the process of inviting bids for a certain large project that must be submitted within a given deadline.

How is tendering related to takeover bids?

To tender also means the process of accepting a formal offer where shareholders submit their securities and respective shares when responding to a takeover offer.

How do institutions ensure a fair tendering process?

There is always a transparent and well-defined tendering and company classification process that governs the opening, evaluation, and selection of the vendors in the bid.


How do I get information on bids?

An institution will normally send a request for tender (RFT) as a formal invitation to submit competitive bids. Companies can then submit structured details on supplying raw materials, products, or services in this public and open process.


What if I am a foreign entity?

Foreign entities must also submit the commercial registration certificate or the articles of association. These must be duly attested for authenticity.


What if there is a dispute among the bids?

The government has established the Committees for Dispute Resolution in order to properly streamline disputes.

Why do I need a classification certificate?

The classifications are a way for small and medium enterprises to register quickly and to increase their chances to enter the governmental tenders.


What documents do I need for my classification certificate?

You will need your Commercial Registration Copy, your Municipality License Copy, your tax card, administration structure, auditing reports, partners IDs, employee statistics, and related supply contracts.


How can I learn more about the classification of tenders?

You can check the Government Procurement Services module on the Ministry of Finance website.



How do you register your business with the immigration department? This is done with the Immigration Department of the General Directorate of Borders, Passports and Expatriate Affairs at the Ministry of Interior. You will need to go through this step to apply for a work permit and become the sponsor for an applicant. You must also obtain a Representative Card, which appoints a certain employee to act on behalf of the company on issues that deal with the Immigration Department and Ministry of Labour.

You will need your duly completed application form for Immigration Card/Representative Card. This should be typed in Arabic and stamped and signed. You will also need a copy of the passport of all authorized signatories, representatives, and business owners, as well as the copy of the Commercial Registration of the business and the trade license. Afterwards, the business must go through the application process for the approval of the Ministry of Labour.



You first have to register your company with all of the necessary bodies of authority before you can start to submit for tendering and company classification depending on your company classification. According to the New Tenders and Auctions Regulation Law implemented on 13 June 2016, your Company Classification Certificate will determine your tendering process. You will receive a classification from the Government Procurement Regulatory Department (GPRD).

Via an online application process, your company will be evaluated and categorized according to specialty for the purposes of transparency and fairness. You will be asked to publish and reveal relevant company data such as your financial status, your share capital and net assets, the owners, administrative staff, technical staff, past and present projects, equipments owned, etc. Afreno can help facilitate the process and assist you with all of the document requirements and pertinent data that you need in order to be classified and eligible for tendering on big projects.