Team Members

A strong leadership equals a strong body of teams and vice versa. There is an interconnected web of trust and professional excellence within the company and down the line, contributing to the continued success of Afreno since its inception years and years ago. Every team member is a valued resource for each team, and each individual knows his or her key role to play when it comes to providing expert consultancy advice to every client.

Each team is highly specialized and fully equipped in all aspects to handle concerns and solve issues to the best of their ability, all while keeping operations running as smoothly and as cost-effectively as possible. This kind of impressive promptness and efficiency is made possible only through the dynamic team of coordinated and expertly professional individuals who are more than qualified to carry out Afreno’s vision for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of leadership does your company have?

Our CEO oversees company operations and has overall responsibility for finance and development. Under the expert leadership of our CEO and Founder, Afreno functions as a well-oiled machine that caters to the needs of all kinds of clients all over the world.

What kind of responsibilities do your team members have?

Each team has its own specialization. Every division has a hand-picked selection of professionals that know the ins and outs of the task they are assigned to, from welcoming new business initiatives to conducting key meetings to successfully bring fresh, new ideas to fruition.

Why do you have different divisions? Isn’t this more confusing?

This separation of responsibilities ensures that every member is specifically equipped to fully focus their time, knowledge, and overall efforts to achieving a singular goal in his or her field of expertise.

Do your team members conduct field work outside of the office?

As a pioneering trade name in the industry, Afreno understands the complicated intricacies that involve establishing new businesses or furthering careers through proper documentation. Plenty of the requirements determined by the government can only be done outside of the office. As such, our extremely dedicated team members have no issues venturing out of the office in order to facilitate the processing of documents, conduct on-site visits, and hold meetings in relevant places of interest.


Is it necessary to be in other offices most of the time?

Maintaining good working relationships with establishments across all industries is crucial to ensuring that we provide you with the best and most sound advice and assistance when you come to us.


How can your team members maintain their respective expertise?

Ongoing research, planning, and development keep us ahead of the game in terms of technological advancement and in-depth knowledge.


What team values and attitudes do your team members have?

We waste no time in going out and about when it comes to meeting key players in the industry, whether they’re highly valued clients or esteemed persons of interest in the appropriate branches of government. Only with this kind of go-getting mentality and work attitude can our team members help bring your professional dreams to reality.


What kind of expertise do your team members have?

In order to serve you to the best of our ability, we do in-depth research into providing all the necessary and pertinent background information when it comes to furthering your career in Qatar, expanding your entrepreneurial growth, or establishing your future conglomerate.


How do your team members react on your company philosophies?

Every team member, regardless of company division, knows the company philosophy and work ethic by heart, and it is with this kind of dedication that Afreno ventures out into helping customers achieve exponential success in any field.

Do your team members value customer service above others?

Combined with the many years of experience in each sector for all of our dedicated team of experts, Afreno can beat the competition with its unparalleled focus on customer service, now and in all the years to come.


Legal Experience

With our years of dedicated first-hand experience in the industry, we can accurately and efficiently assist you with any concerns when it comes to the intricacies of the law. While dealing with legal entities and matters of the law may seem overwhelming and intimidating, with Afreno as your trusted partner, you can navigate through the technicalities, requirements, and demands of the system with ease and as stress-free as possible. Inexperienced companies and other novice institutions may claim to offer their assistance with legal proceedings, but the true test of efficiency and professionalism is the ability to facilitate your requirements and documentations by knowing the legal implications of each requirement and which branch of government to liaise with. Afreno does all that and more for your peace of mind.



Every client is different. Each client has his or her specific needs that should be addressed depending on their purposes in the country, and regardless of your background, Afreno sees to it that we cater to your needs with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. We value your satisfaction above all else and we take great care in handling sensitive matters in and out of the office. We give great value to our existing relationships with various branches of the government as well, and we always ensure to act in the most respectable and professional manner when liaising with various government offices and legal entities.


Organised Management

Despite the different branches and specialized teams in the company, Afreno takes pride in its highly coordinated management teams and impressively organized systems, procedures, and data. Our organized research and data allows us to provide clients all over the world only the most relevant and up-to-date advice. While there may be a myriad of interconnected requirements, procedures, and government requirements that need to be in order before you can proceed with your endeavours, Afreno can effortlessly arrange these requirements seamlessly to ensure that you can concentrate on your big business idea or career progression with the least amount of struggles and professional challenges as possible.


Leading Superiority

How does one company stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape of the various industries out there? What can a company do in order to stay abreast of the latest news, the current trends, and what’s abuzz in the business world of increasingly on-the-go professionals and success-driven entrepreneurs? Where can global-minded individuals place their valued trust when they wish to establish new opportunities in the expanding, thriving, and lucrative professional environment of ripe investments and fruitful landscape of Qatar? Only with a pinpoint laser focus on offering the best consultancy services in the field can Afreno consistently gain leading superiority among its competitors.