Scientific & Research Translations

Looking for scientific and research translations service in Qatar? When you are in the field of scientific research, it’s very important to have your papers properly translated in order to get proper funding when needed. Research papers must also be fully understandable and comprehensive so that it can be made eligible for awards, project considerations, and future collaborations.

What about for thesis papers? How can you expect your proposals and reports to be approved by the specific academic department or approving committee if they are incorrectly translated? There are plenty of informative documents that must be accurately translated for publication, which includes thesis papers and scientific records. Furthermore, you will need proper scientific and research translations if you are applying for a graduate program, or you wish to submit research papers for PhD requirements and other further studies.

With a properly translated piece, you will be ensured of language consistency, accuracy in the varying terminologies in each field, as well as correct references and the right academic tone. Just because research papers often have more serious subject matters does not mean that the tone should be dry and unappealing. With Afreno’s quality scientific and research translations services, your research paper will still shine and be as appealing as it should be without sacrificing the actual content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is translation of research papers important?

Translation is more than just literal equivalents of every word form one language to another. The subject matter must be fully retained without losing the voice and the vibe of the whole piece for its target audience.

What makes a good research paper translation?

A good translator must have a full grasp of the language and the subject matter in that specific field. Having insufficient knowledge in the industry will result in poorly translated terminologies and misinterpreted content.

Why is scientific translation very sensitive?

Academic papers are fully focused on the subject matter, especially with fields such as biology or chemistry where there are field-specific vocabularies that must not be incorrectly translated. Translators must be knowledgeable in diverse fields and methodologies from electronic devices to clinical research papers.

I have research papers from market research studies. How can Afreno help me with translation?

Afreno can accurately translate even transcriptions from vocal sources and interviews. Having this done professionally saves you valuable time and money.

Why are proposals very sensitive?

You need to send the right message across so that your proposal will get approved, and having a professionally translated proposal helps assure that. These are also time-sensitive within a particular submission period and review process, so Afreno’s quick turnaround time is a plus.

Why should I have my thesis reports professionally translated?

Not only would you want to have your thesis approved by the proper committee, your thesis will also be considered for future publications in public journals or other doctoral dissertations. Having accurately translated thesis reports ensures that your work will pass the test even when it reaches a wider range of audiences outside of your own university.


Why can’t I just use a translator app?

Computerized translations only give you the gist of a document informally. A professional translator will include all the nuances of language and the accuracy of every single piece of detail in your paper, which is key to translation that will be accepted by authorities.


What about online translations?

Online translations are powered by algorithms. This will not be able to replace the expertise of an actual human translator, who can understand context and intent.


What about a professional linguist?

Linguists and subject matter experts are not the same. Afreno can do both for your peace of mind.

What makes Afreno the right choice?

Our expertise is coupled with solid liaisons with the necessary bodies that will help process your papers promptly.


Research Papers Translation

Especially when it comes to marketing, translations of research papers are essential tools for campaigns and research. You may be researching on a particular scientific field, or you may be researching your market itself—after all, a simple focus group will not suffice despite its dynamism. With market research, the messy influx of information from varying sources can pose a challenge when it comes to organizing the data afterward and singling out the most relevant pieces of information from the slush pile. Not only is this time-consuming, but it also opens up the whole team to foreign misinterpretations and incorrect translations especially in foreign markets. Moreover, if you are doing market research based on focus groups, interviews, and surveys, it can be difficult to have these audio sources translated properly.

With Afreno’s accurate scientific and research translations of research papers, not only will the important findings be fully preserved without anything getting lost in translation, but the tone of the paper will also be retained especially if it is written to cater to a specific target market or audience. Having professional transcriptions can also help to catch every single detail from all vocal sources, as we have in-depth knowledge on various languages and dialects as well.


Research Proposals Translation

There is a common misconception that anyone who is bilingual can automatically be a translator. Just because someone is well-versed in different languages doesn’t mean that he or she will be qualified enough to translate professionally, especially when it comes to research proposals. Such documents may be used to apply for a grant, for further studies, for consideration in public journals, for academic awards, for accolades, and for international references. As such, scientific and research translations must be accurate not only for the content but also for the tone and intention.

Proposals require approval, so having them properly translated makes the proposal more appealing for the approving body of authority.  Scientific and research translations is not just about putting in each word from source language to target language—it should include the nuances of culture and the industry all while keeping the target audience in mind. A proposal must be appealing, engaging, and must be convincing enough to get approved. Afreno can help translate research proposals professionally and accurately with specialized knowledge depending on the context, and because we have years and years of vast knowledge and experience in dealing with such papers, we know the ins and outs of these kinds of papers to help ensure quality.


Thesis Reports Translation

Idioms, slang, and other complexities of each language are only some of the things a professional translator should keep in mind when translating thesis reports. The subject matter itself must be comprehensive, and if the translator has no idea what he or she is talking about, then the report is not going to make any sense. On top of that, not every word has a direct translation from one language to another, making the professional scientific and research translations even more challenging.

A good translator must be able to make the reader feel like the piece was not translated at all. This kind of seamless translation requires top-notch skill you can’t simply get from free online sources or unprofessional translators. Neither will you be able to achieve perfect, high-quality scientific and research translations from automated or computerized sources and apps. While you might have a well-meaning family member or a friend who can do the translation for you free of charge, remember that it is more expensive to hire an amateur to do the work of a professional. Moreover, your dissertation or thesis must be officially accepted by the committee at your university or the specific academic department. Afreno ensures that translations are fully comprehensive and error-free.


Science Reports Translation

There is arguably nothing more meticulous than scientific reports when it comes to professional scientific and research translations. Whether it’s a lab report or a scientific article, the document must be translated accurately and be completely free of errors for your audiences. Your reader may be misled to believe something or perform something based on your scientific research if there is even just a single error in it. Especially when you work in the fields of IT, natural science, medicine, engineering, and the like, you have a huge social and moral responsibility to make sure that your paperwork is completely error-free.

Imagine having a published scientific report that declares the effects of a certain drug, device, or machinery, and then having it improperly translated. The repercussions of this error will not only affect you but anyone who reads your work as well. These scientific reports also include environmental audits, books, grant applications, research papers, and other supposedly reliable data sources that may be used by other scholars as foundations of their own research. With Afreno’s cost-effective, timely, accurate, and fully professional scientific and research translations service, you can rest assured that the contents of your scientific report will be fully preserved to the best of our ability.