Research And Analysis

Today’s changeable environment offers dozens of possibilities but it can bring with it obstacles. It is our job to ensure that the businesses we advise not only survive but thrive. Our long experience in the world of business in the Middle East allows us to apply our knowledge to help our clients with important decision-making strategy.


Market Entry

Before a client enters the market they need a background of solid research to define the definitive approach to take, whether the acquisition route, or through incorporation, JVs or alternative types of partnerships. Our role is to fully understand the client’s business, the industry they are involved in, and the ramifications of going into the local market before that big step is taken.


Market Research

We use a whole variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct research via competitive analysis, as well as customised feasibility studies and market surveys. This ensures that the client’s aims are covered in the most efficient way possible.


Business Plan

Collaboration with the client is key to coming up with the most effective business model, as well as the plan to develop that model meticulously, then put it into operation and finally expand the business. Whatever your business objectives may be, we supply substantial supporting data to make that happen.