It can be time-consuming and bewildering for a business to attempt to enter the market in a foreign country. There may be difficulties to overcome regarding language, local and national regulations, financing, market conditions or personnel. The simplest and most logical way to overcome these obstacles is to find an understanding and efficient local representative.


Business Representation

As a prelude to establishing itself fully in a commercial and legal sense in the local market, a business can consult our Business Representation service to boost sales possibilities in a way that avoids risks and high costs before committing itself to a definitive investment. These facilities include:

  • Event Organisation & Promotional Marketing
  • Conventional Sales & Marketing
  • Digital Marketing


Associated Office

To conduct marketing and other non-transactional operations, usually in a foreign country where a branch office or subsidiary is not appropriate, a representative office can be set up by a company or legal entity. A physical address serves for liaison purposes in business representation.


Business Plan

Our thorough and comprehensive business plan, backed by supporting data is core to achieving your ultimate commercial objectives. We collaborate with you to develop a strategic plan and advise you on the most optimal business model, operational plan and strategies to grow your business.