Qatar’s tourism sector continues to thrive this summer

As the summer season is in full swing, Qatar continues to enjoy a surge in inbound and outbound travel. Despite the region usually experiencing an off-season during summertime, the outlook for travel is very positive as restrictions for the pandemic are also slowly being lifted.

In an interview with Gulf Times, Tawfeeq Travel Group CEO Rehan Ali Syed says, “The demand this year for summer is soaring high with bookings pouring in from all ends whether it is travel to back home or exotic vacations. Since the pandemic, this is the first summer which is looking extremely promising.”

This is especially true as the 2022 FIFA World Cup looms closer and closer as well. “Thanks to Qatar Tourism for engaging in several programmes to promote the country in different parts of the world. The cruise season just got over last week, and we are looking forward to next season just before FIFA,” he says. “Qatar’s dunes are one of the best in the world and there is no place in the GCC where the desert is directly connected to the inland sea. There are various camps available for customers to enjoy, the Arabian nights in the traditional tents as well as for those who prefer luxurious living.”

In other news, resorts have also been opening in the region to make sure that there is enough accommodation to welcome tourists as they arrive into the country. These spaces will also welcome conferences, meetings, exhibits and more. This also proves how rapidly the tourism sector is recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

For anyone who wishes to travel to Qatar during this season, simply visit the official travel and return policy from the Ministry of Public Health’s website to stay updated on the latest info regarding safety protocols, vaccination information, and other standard health measures for various countries of origin.

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