Qatar’s Ministry of Labour is praised for its progress

The Ministry of Labour has due cause for celebration as Qatar’s labour reforms earn high praise from various international bodies. In particular, the MoL shared a report titled “They said about Qatar’s reforms” – here, the ministry highlighted the progress in the industry so far even through the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Additionally, a press statement from the ministry stated that the document “monitored the most important international positions and praise issued by union and labour figures on the legislative reforms issued and implemented by Qatar, which resulted in tangible, positive changes in the work environment in Qatar. International organisations call for the generalisation of the Qatari experience in the region to protect workers’ rights.”

As an example, Gilbert F Houngbo, director-general of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), mentioned that “Qatar has made big progress (abolishment of the kafala system, introduction of minimum wages, heat protection measures, etc) in a relatively short time. It needs to be said as we don’t see that often. Recognising progress does not mean that the job is done. Now we need a period of consolidation during which institutions in charge of the implementation and inspection need to be developed. Both Qatar and the ILO are willing to continue working beyond the FIFA World Cup. The improvement that we have seen in Qatar is unique in the region.”

The ILO has also posted a report regarding the Technical Co-operation Programme between the Government of Qatar and ILO. “Following the commitment of the Government of Qatar to continue building on the significant reforms undertaken in the first phase of the technical co-operation programme, and a series of exchanges with other national and international partners, a second phase of the programme was agreed to run from July 2021 to December 2023.”

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