Qatar’s Internet of Things (IoT) technologies facilitate business efficiency

The pandemic may have brought about numerous disadvantages across the globe, but it has also driven the advancement of digital technologies in many ways. The fact that everyone, at one point or another, was forced to stay home for the safety of whole countries has brought forth virtual means to conduct day-to-day activities from online business calls to digital processing of documents.

One such advancement comes in the form of the Internet of Things (IoT), and these technologies are expanding the growth of various industries and e-commerce in the Mena region. These applications include delivery, research, construction, smart industries and more.

The innovative approach of IoT has also contributed to economic growth in the Middle East. in particular, Vodafone’s efforts have shown that businesses can boost their efficiency with these devices.

According to Gulf Times, “Asset tracking has emerged as one of the biggest trends in IoT in recent times, with a predicted 27% increase in usage globally between 2020 and 2025 alone. Every business has valuable assets, such as industrial equipment, vehicles or machinery, and ensuring that they are protected and kept functioning properly is crucial for operations.”

To put this into perspective, it’s important to look at specific assets. For instance, heavy machinery that may be operating under harsher conditions can be monitored digitally to reduce the instances of physical maintenance to save resources and time.

“In manufacturing, for example, IoT has become a key pillar of the drive towards Industry 4.0, otherwise known as the digital transformation of industry which delivers real-time decision making, enhanced productivity, flexibility and agility with minimal human involvement. This increases productivity, energy efficiency, and sustainability, as well as reducing downtime and maintenance costs,” the Gulf Times continues.

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