Qatar takes pride in the achievements of its labour reforms through the years

Making sure that there will always be holistic changes to the State’s labour provisions, the reforms of the Ministry of Labour continue to aim for long-term goals. Responding to a report from Amnesty International, the Ministry of Labour states that “Qatar is proud of the reforms it has introduced. What we have achieved in a few years took many decades to achieve in other parts of the world.”

In particular, the MoL has duly partnered with a wide variety of organisations across the globe, which includes support from international institutions such as trade unions and NGOs. This also includes the ILO. These partnerships have, as their foundation, a great deal of trust and shared goals.

In the same vein, the State has also worked tirelessly to formulate these reforms in coordination with the business community. In turn, both foreign companies and Qatari companies were partnered with to ensure that compliance with new standards is followed through.

In just five years, the Ministry was able to implement reforms on a new national minimum wage. It has also implemented stricter controls on recruitment, as well as improved access to justice. The Ministry has removed exit permits as well as barriers to switching jobs. Workers also now have better access to compensation along with enhanced accommodation conditions. This includes better safety standards and health provisions as well.

In addition, the Workers’ Support and Insurance Fund has already provided £110mn in two years.

“Qatar’s commitment to labour reform is steadfast, and we are determined to continue to transform our labour market and set a leading example for other countries to follow,” says the Ministry. “Qatar’s government is responsible for managing all aspects of its labour market, and no changes can be made without full coordination and cooperation with the relevant authorities.”

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