Qatar Kahramaa and CNA-Q sign MoU on project improvements

Kahramaa and CNA-Q have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to work on a strategic framework to improve means of cooperation when it comes to education, training, and development. This involves joint projects between the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) and the College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q) as signed by Kahramaa’s Shared Services director engineer Abdullah Muhsen al-Wahdi and Dr. Aljazzi Fetais, CNA-Q’s associate vice-president for Student Affairs.

The MoU also includes research on various fields as well as a fruitful exchange of expertise between the two institutions. With such an integrated approach, both parties can focus on innovation and further development to spearhead bigger, better, and more productive projects from here on out. Moreover, the MoU will also provide internship opportunities for CNA-Q students at the Kahramaa facilities for capstone projects. With such endeavors, this will provide a sufficient avenue for staff training as well as professional development.

As such, further improvement for both sides will lead to a more streamlined enhancement for Qatar as a whole, improving tourism even during these difficult times. This will also help boost work productivity as well as labour opportunities for all parties concerned.

According to Kahramaa president engineer Essa bin Hilal al-Kuwari, “We, at Kahramaa, have spared no effort in seeking new partnerships to consolidate and expand our networks and seek new opportunities of growth for our staff and team members. I believe this MoU will prove to be an example of a most successful partnership that will provide both parties with tremendous space for innovation and development.”

CNA-Q president Dr. Salem al-Naemi, on the other hand, says, “CNA-Q seeks to provide new opportunities for its students and professors through such initiatives to enrich their academic experience and push them forward towards their goals. We are confident that this co-operation will be the driving force for further excellence and achievements.”

Furthermore, Engineer al-Wahdi commented that “Our partnership in the bounties and resources of our country must be translated into a partnership in work, achievement, and responsibility, and there is no doubt that the basis for achieving our goals lies in co-ordination and joint work to exchange experience and to achieve maximum benefit from the gains available to all parties”.

And finally, Dr. Aljazzi Fetais, states, “The college believes in the importance of co-operation, which constitutes the main pillar for growth and development. This memorandum will support joint initiatives and will form a basis for development and success.”

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