Qatar issues advisories for travelling this summer

As the country opens up to more travellers now that global situations are slowly returning to normal, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has offered a few helpful tips for travellers to ensure that everyone is safe while in transit. This includes not only foreigners but also Qatar residents who are planning to go on vacation this summer to ensure that everyone enjoys their travels.

As such, it’s important for individuals to check their passports to make sure that it’s valid for six months at the very least. According to the advisory from the ministry, “Obtain a visa to the country (destination). Some embassies in Qatar require the signature of children at the age of ten or more on the passport. Confirm the validity of official documents. Keep always the official documents and personal valuable belongings in a safe and secure place. Don’t pawn your passport or ID card to any party in any case. In case of any problem, immediately inform the nearest diplomatic mission of your country.”

It’s also essential to maintain personal security, especially in hotels and airports, as well as in markets. It’s important, according to the advisory, to avoid carrying valuables such as jewellery when it’s not necessary to do so. The ministry also warns against riding illegal taxis and mingling with suspicious persons. “Share driving in every one or two hours if possible with a co-traveller if he has a licence. Halt your vehicle multiple times for rest during long trips,” the advisory continues.

As for those who are travelling by sea, the ministry also advises everyone to check the necessary weather conditions before setting sail, as well as registering a sailing request via the Metrash 2 app or Accredited Marine Registration Counters. “Ensure that life jackets and life bayous are available if you aren’t good at swimming,” the ministry adds.

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