Qatar implements rules on work safety during summer heat, continues to reopen sectors with COVID precautions

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has released an announcement urging employers to ensure the safety and health of their workers now more than ever. This comes as an initiative for determining the proper working hours when it comes to open workplaces during the high heat of the summer.

The MADLSA’s statement encourages business owners to do their part in helping to spread awareness as well as help maintain occupational safety in every work site. Companies must be able to ensure that the work environment where workers spend a majority of their day must be safe from heat stress. These work sites must have measures against risks caused by heat as occupational hazards.

In the same vein, employers must also develop plans to mitigate the effects of heat stress on employees and provide training for them in order to handle the heat properly. Companies must ensure an ideal work environment, especially with the pandemic posing further threats to the safety of not just the individuals in the workplace but also for family members at home.

As such, the Labour Inspection Department has been implementing intensive inspection campaigns to make sure that business owners follow the rules of work hours strictly. Shaded resting places must be provided and in enough capacity so that workers can easily access protection from high temperatures, as well as appropriate protective equipment and work clothes.

Meanwhile, COVID precautionary measures continue to be implemented in all sectors, whether private or public. For instance, the government has already provided measures on the part-time system of work regarding number of hours per week. Decisions were made with HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani at the Cabinet’s regular meeting recently at the Amiri Diwan.

HE the Minister of Public Health also reported on the latest developments regarding measures being used to curb the spread of COVID-19. Precautionary measures are important to make sure that citizens stay protected against the spread of the virus, even as different sectors continue to open up. The same is true for the reopening of the economy, along with protocols on safety during travel. This also includes precautionary measures for those who are entering into Qatar from certain countries, as indicated in the MOPH website.

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