Qatar holds workshops to raise awareness on legal models about electronic addiction

In order to boost the capabilities of legal specialists, the Center of Legal and Judicial Studies (CLJS) at the Ministry of Justice held workshops dealing with the analysis of legal text, interpreting these documents, protecting patents and so on. These legal and educational workshops were organised for a variety of government agencies as well as members of Qatar Youth Hostels.

The topics also included industrial models, electronic addition, Qatari law, the negative effects of technology, the consequences on health and social groups, along with online buying and selling pitfalls. Electronic addiction includes social media and electronic games as well.

In line with this, the workshop also shed light on moral deviation as a consequence of electronic addiction, as well as social isolation. In particular, children can bear the brunt of these effects when it comes to not being able to concentrate on their lessons, neglecting their assignments, doing poorly in school, dissociating with personal interests with others, declining to practice a favourite sport or a different hobby and overall weakness.

On top of all this, the workshop also discussed examples of cybercrimes. This includes libel, extortion, and violation of privacy. As such, participants were made aware of the penalty for these crimes in accordance with the text of Article (8) of the Law on Combating Cyber Crimes.

These types of legal workshops are crucial in ensuring that legal participants across different disciplines stay up-to-date with the skills needed to serve well in their fields, as highlighted by the Director of the Center of Legal and Judicial Studies Dr. Saleh Ali Al Fadala.

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