Qatar holds workshop for seaport workers; boosts West Bay tourism

To ensure that all seaports are properly maintained and manned, the Permanent Committee for Seaports Management at the Ministry of Interior launched a special training course for a full week in partnership with the Police Officers Institute for port workers. The training course included topics on the proper methods of monitoring, as well as inspection protocols and increasing security awareness.

In attendance were 24 officers from the committee’s departments. Abdul Amir al-Faraj, the Kuwaiti expert in maritime arbitration, is the lecturer, with representatives from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) as well as other agencies. The course also aims to help assess different kinds of security threats, risks, weak points, violations, and more. This includes access authorisation as well.

The training program aims to boost port workers’ efficiency, as well as addresses different work needs to help develop the capacity of the workers. According to the Gulf Times, Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Seaports Management Brigadier General Dr Abdulhadi Mohamed Zabin al-Dosari hopes that the course will also assist in “raising the scientific and practical level, and developing awareness among participants in this field.”

In other news, Qatar Tourism is continuously enhancing the West Bay waterfront experience with renewed operating licenses for Doha Sands, B12 and West Bay Beach.

According to Aysha al-Mulla, head of Tourism Investment Policy, “With a host of amenities across the beaches including a volleyball court, water sports, all-day food and beverage options and playgrounds, the West Bay beaches have become some of the city’s most sought-after destinations for families and tourists. We are delighted to extend the operating licenses for these establishments to ensure we continue to build on Qatar’s tourism offering. Qatar has a beautiful and extensive coastline and bringing the beach experience into the heart of the city, at a convenient and easily accessible location, strengthens Doha’s position as a family-friendly holiday choice.”

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