Qatar ensures stability of labour market as the Ministry of Labour processes requests within the sector

Qatar continues to streamline its work processes when it comes to permits as the Ministry of Labour received a variety of requests last month. In particular, the Work Permits Department of the MoL was able to process more than 25,000 requests, with applications ranging from job modifications to new recruitment requests.

This also includes general and private work permits such as applications for extending the identification number. Around 5,003 requests were for new recruitment while an estimated 1,023 applications were made for private work permits such as the sponsorship of relatives. The MoL also received requests for the modification of existing professions, with the total number reaching 3,952 requests.

As for labour complaints, there were 3,664 complaints that the Labour Disputes Department processed to help employees make a case against their employers. As such, both parties are closely monitored and offered assistance should the need arise.

According to the statistical bulletin, there were an estimated number of 312 inspection visits that were conducted by the MoL to labour recruitment offices. With this, there were 29 warnings issued to inform the parties of removing violations. This is done to keep companies in check regarding the country’s labour and recruitment laws for the safety of both employers and employees. The Labour Inspection Department conducts there investigations to ensure that all establishments are in strict compliance with the requirements for the stability of the labour market.

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