Qatar commits to digitising services; MoL honours labour workshop participants

In order to ensure that government services are facilitated in the most effective manner, Qatar has committed itself to digitising citizen services by setting up a centre of excellence highlighting data and emerging technologies. This aims to achieve digitisation of services by 90% by the year 2030.

There will also be a revamp for tracking NDS3 (third National Development Strategy). Part of the goal is to achieve a customer satisfaction score that surpasses 85% as well.

According to the recently launched NDS3, “To achieve this objective, a specialised Centre of Excellence for data and emerging technologies, such as AI, will be established to drive several initiatives. This includes the development of a comprehensive national data governance and management framework, ensuring improved data availability and quality…The government will transform the design and delivery of its services by strengthening central capabilities in innovation and digitisation.”

Other goals include establishing Service level agreement (SLA) frameworks. There have also already been partnerships between ICT providers to further enhance Internet of Things (IoT) and software solutions, which include Ooredoo Qatar, Siemens and Microsoft.

The strategy also indicated that “adherence to SLAs within and between governmental entities is also expected to exceed 80%.”

In other news, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) highlighted the participants of the vocational camp for students crafted in partnership with the Interprofessional Education Student Association at Qatar University. This was also made possible with the Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) as sponsored by Ahli Bank.

The camp lasted for five days, and offered university students the necessary skills needed to excel in the job market. It also empowered them with hands-on workshops and training sessions on critical thinking and problem-solving.

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