Qatar adopts Artificial Intelligence to facilitate judicial processes

Artificial intelligence has been around for the longest time, but AI has been making headlines as of late due to the overwhelming number of AI-generated images and texts that have been making the rounds on social media these days. Most of these images and texts have been met with negative reactions from the public. While not everyone is amenable to the effects of generative AI when it comes to creative works – with some individuals even foreseeing a loss of jobs for humans in the near future – no one can deny the fact that AI, when utilised properly, can help facilitate processes and create more efficient outputs in various fields. It can, for instance, speed up procedures that would otherwise take hours, days, or even weeks to complete.

In particular, the Public Prosecution has officially announced that it will be using Artificial Intelligence to improve its services, all in line with the goals of Qatar when it comes to the National Vision 2030. Prompt justice can be served using a system that converts words into text, and these can, in turn, be used to facilitate investigations, minutes, memorandums, and other legal procedures.

This kind of utilisation of AI technology not only facilitates transcriptions but also assists in making sure that texts are accurately written down. This also reduces manual labour as well as the time it takes to complete such tasks, ultimately contributing to the improvement of the overall judicial process within the country. It will also improve the quality of information available with word-to-text conversion services.

This goes hand-in-hand with a variety of other technological solutions that the Public Prosecution will adopt. This includes areas of business development, automation and so on.

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