New travel policy for Qatar has been issued removing quarantine for fully vaccinated

Qatar has just issued a new travel policy for travelers who are fully vaccinated. It’s important to note that there are three categories for the different countries, namely, green, yellow, and red. For vaccinated individuals who will be coming from countries in the red list, they will have to undergo a repeat RT PCR test upon arrival to the State. This new policy will be implemented beginning July 12th.

In addition, all travelers who will arrive into the country from ports will need to pre-register first. This should be done via the “Ehteraz” website (WWW.EHTERAZ.GOV.QA); do not forget to include all the necessary attachments and required documents. As for GCC citizens who are also QID holders, as well as Qatari residents and citizens, there will be no quarantine required if they are fully vaccinated. Note that to be considered vaccinated, one must have used an approved vaccine.

What are the different vaccines that the Ministry of Public Health has approved? These are the Qatar-recognized vaccines to take note of:

1. Comirnaty by Pfizer BioNTech (mRNA vaccine)

2. Spikevax by ModernaTX, Inc. (mRNA vaccine)

3. Vaxzevria and Covishield by Oxford-Astrazeneca (Viral Vector vaccine)

4. Janssen/Johnson&Johnson by Janssen Pharmaceuticals Companies of Johnson & Johnson (Viral Vector vaccine)

Note that there are also conditional vaccines – those who have taken these will be subject to an additional antibody test upon arriving in Qatar. This includes BBIBP-CorV/Sinopharm by Beijing Institute of Biological Products (Inactivated vaccine) as well as the CoronaVac/Sinovac by Sinovac BioTech (Inactivated vaccine). Individuals will be exempted from quarantine if the result of the antibody test is positive with antibodies upon arrival. If the result is negative, the traveler will be asked to undergo the applicable quarantine. This will depend on the country of departure.

What about those who have been partially vaccinated, or who have received one of two doses? These individuals will be further classified into three categories based on the country of origin as well. This includes those who have already been fully vaccinated but were not able to complete a period of (14) days after the first dose (this applies to the J&J vaccine) or the 2nd dose for other brands. The same is true for those who used unapproved vaccines.

Note that the Ministry of Interior has also already announced the resumption of tourist and family entry visas issuance, which you can know more about HERE.

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