Medical Translations

Translations of medical documents are extremely important no matter what your official business in Qatar is. Medical translations are required when you want to obtain a residence permit, a personal visa, or a visa for your family members. If you are running a corporation, you will also need translated medical documents for the processing of paperwork for your employees. If you are participating in a sporting activity, you may want to provide a medical report. Medical certificates must be translated by certified services to make sure that they are accredited and to prevent the risk of having your medical documents rejected when you need them the most.

You may also need translated medical documentation for arranging an insurance claim, or in order to provide proof of medical fitness from an authorized medical practitioner. All of these may take quite some time to process, not to mention you will need to take several trips to the necessary bodies of government and go through the long wait just to have your documents processed.

Because Afreno has long-standing liaisons with the necessary authoritative bodies, we can facilitate your translations promptly and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Afreno’s liaisons?

Afreno can communicate with the necessary medical authorities and government offices on your behalf.

I am not staying in Qatar. Do I still need certified translations on my medical documents?

Even if you are simply consulting with a medical practitioner, the medical records you will be asked to present from your country must have accurate translations in order for you to get the appropriate treatment.

I will not be getting medical treatment in Qatar. Do I still need medical translators?

You may also be required to submit a birth certificate or a death certificate, whether in applying for a job, making insurance claims, or pursuing further studies.

What challenges may I encounter when trying to get my birth certificate translated?

Some languages may not employ the Roman alphabet, and as such, this opens up the translation to errors especially when transliterating a name. If your birth certificate has plenty of handwritten information, it may also be a challenge to have this properly translated especially if the content is no longer legible. Always strive to provide us with the most legible and clearest copy of your birth certificate, and one that has the most complete information.

I only have the short version of my birth certificate. What should I do?

Make sure that your birth certificate contains at least the following information: your full, spelled out name, your place of birth, your date of birth in month, day, and year, the full names of your parents (both spelled out) and their birth dates and birth places, and the official seal of the issuing authority.

Why can’t I just have a good linguist translate my medical documents?

Being a good linguist is one thing—being a good translator of medical documents is a whole other issue. Knowing the content of medical documents is a different skill altogether, and it is more than just translating directly word for word from one language to another.


What are the risks of a poorly translated medical document?

Having someone who has no specialized training and proper education on the medical field translate your papers will run the risk of potentially hazardous consequences, legal liabilities, and even death.

In that case, can I have a medical transcriptionist translate for me?

A medical transcriptionist, while medically trained, may not have the proper skill set when it comes to the nuances of different languages and cultures.

How important are medical translations?

Even simple signs, brochures, instructions, medications, and forms must be accurately translated to prevent any dangerous consequences for all parties involved.

Why should I hire Afreno for my medical translations?

Our solid relationships with the medical bodies, governing bodies, and other authorities that will require these translations will help facilitate all claims and forms. We also take pride in our expertise in languages and medical content.


Birth Certificates Translation

A birth certificate may seem like your basic, average personal document, but its certified translation may be required for a number of official purposes. You may be in Qatar for academic reasons, professional purposes, or personal affairs, or you may be thinking about getting married in any of the breathtaking sceneries in the State. You may want to pursue higher education or simply wish to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Qatar. Regardless of your official reason, having a certified translated birth certificate is a must.

For instance, if you are applying for a visa or for any other immigration purpose, you will be asked to provide your birth certificate that is translated into your target country’s official language. It is also a prerequisite for a marriage license. It is imperative that you try and obtain the translated birth certificate before you apply for any legal benefits or documents to prevent any unwanted delays. Afreno can provide you with the most thorough and professionally accurate translations from our pool of expert linguists and content masters. If you provide us with particular nuances as well as spelling references or other requests, we will fulfil your requirements as cost-effectively and as quickly as we can.


Death Certificates Translation

A death certificate is issued when an individual passes away. Usually, this death certificate is issued by a medial practitioner, or it may also be issued by a relevant government agency. Such agencies include registrars of vital statistics. In a death certificate, the details surrounding the death are clearly indicated. The person’s full identity, the date of death, the location of death, and the cause of death must be fully stated.

Because this document contains incredibly sensitive information, it is important to have it translated with a certified language service provider that is fully licensed and accredited by the necessary bodies of government. It is imperative to have the details surrounding the death of the individual translated accurately and clearly for all parties involved, especially if this will be used to help with a police investigation. Afreno can help you with the certified translations with our team of experts who are well-versed in the necessary languages and the relevant government bodies.


Medical Reports Translation

Medical reports contain details that are highly sensitive. Because of the nature of these paperwork, one simply cannot afford to have a single word translated incorrectly, or even a single medical term misinterpreted. Incorrect translations may have extremely dangerous repercussions, causing fatal consequences and complicated lawsuits.

While some people might think that hiring cheaper services will be easier on the budget, it is always more efficient and more cost-effective to get it right the first time. Hiring a professional that is well-versed in both languages and medical jargon is the most efficient way to have your documents translated. To top it off, your language service provider must also be in the business long enough to know what they are dealing with. Afreno can guarantee timely and accurate translations for your peace of mind. We also have reliable relationships with the relevant authorities, making the whole process for your documents easier and more affordable.


Medical Documents Translation

From patient intake forms to something as seemingly mundane as an exit sign, medical translations serve a wide range of advantages for everyone involved. Basic medical forms must be translated in order to help keep track of the health of a patient, and having them translated ensures that all patients fully understand their conditions, what is being asked of them, their treatments, their immunizations, their operations, and what they should comply with. Forms include emergency contact information, new patient forms, appointment reminders, complaint forms, and consent forms.

The roles in a doctor-patient relationship are also crucial in the field, so patent service agreements must also be translated so that patients will understand concepts like confidentiality, payments and fees, insurance coverage, medical instructions, home treatment directions, dosage amounts, possible side effects, instructions for medical devices and tools, home care packages, instructions for recovery, foods to avoid, activities to refrain from, and so much more.