Media & Publishing Translations

Qatar already has a rapidly growing business landscape and has one of the fastest expanding investment opportunities in the region. Plenty of business conferences attract participants from all over the world, resulting in good publicity and effective promotions that put Qatar in the public eye. These documentations include press releases, news articles, media briefs, social media posts, and so much more. Even the materials used in meetings and conventions (such as slideshows, flyers, calling cards, and brochures) need to be accurately translated to make sure to look for media and publishing translations company are properly represented at a glance.

Whether you are running a multinational conglomerate or just a simple start-up and hopeful entrepreneur, you will need accurately translated ads, websites, apps, and other media resources to help showcase your company in a favourable and impressive light. Afreno can do expert media and publishing translations, no matter how big or how small the project may be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is media and publishing translations?

Media is such a broad topic, and it can include anything from online social media content to printed articles and briefs.

Why is social media translation important?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest are all important business tools you can use to reach out to your customers. Anything you post here will greatly affect your bottom line.

Should I have a social media strategy?

Yes. Simply being on social media does not guarantee a positive effect on your bottom line. Social media presence is not the same as social media strategy. Having a solid business plan is crucial when it comes to your online marketing operations.

What are the social media factors to consider?

You need to set goals and know your target audience. Use demographics and psychographics, then decide on the best form of media you want to use. After each campaign, make sure that you measure performance before moving on.


What are the benefits of social media marketing?

This increases your brand awareness, and helps validate your brand and increase customer loyalty among others.


Why do I need mobile apps translation?

Mobile apps are everywhere, and no matter what your business may be. Mobile apps let you interact with your customers better in a more on-the-go manner. Translated mobile apps help you reach out to your customers on a more global scale.


Why are Q&As important?

Sometimes, consumers do not have enough time to browse through lengthy descriptions, or may get lost in all the details of a page or forum. Your Q&As provide direct answers to their queries with no fuss.

Why do my ads need to be translated?

Your ads will deliver strong marketing messages about your company and your brand using mass media, so having them accurately translated improves your image and accessibility.


Why does my business need a website?

A website has an incredible ability to generate business for your company no matter what industry you are in, anytime, anywhere.


Why should I rely on Afreno to translate my printed materials for me?

Print is one of the most important marketing tools you can use to market your brand properly. With us as your certified translator, you not only get fully accurate translations, but you also get the expertise of our team when it comes to solid liaisons with the necessary bodies of authority in Qatar.


Documentation Translation

There are many types of documentation, and almost all kinds of businesses need documentation of some sort. Minutes of shareholder meetings and team meetings can be considered documentation, as well as all company records. They can come in various formats such as printed hard copies, soft copies, online files, video files, and audio files.

When you create research papers, citing your sources is also considered documentation. Citing sources is required for when you use graphs, illustrations, figures, statistics, diagrams, and direct quotes from others. Sometimes, citing sources can come in the form of footnotes, or in-text documentation.

It’s important for you to accurately translate all kinds of documentation no matter what the form. You should never try to risk citing a source erroneously, nor should you have an incorrectly translated documentation of your company records. Let Afreno help you steer clear of costly mistakes the best way we know how.


New Articles Translation

The content of articles varies infinitely. No matter what your business may be, you will need to publish articles in different forms, whether they are for online use or for printed materials. You may have listicles, blog articles, news articles, informational articles, articles that instruct, educational articles, opinion articles, and so much more. Because articles may contain a wide range of information, it’s extremely important to have accurate data that won’t be lost in translation. Not only will erroneously translated articles convey the wrong message about your company, but they may also lead to costly mistakes, safety hazards, and stressful lawsuits. For instance, if you have an article that talks about the health benefits of a particular medicinal product, having just a single concept translated incorrectly can have catastrophic repercussions on all parties involved.

With Afreno as your media and publishing translations partner, you won’t run the risk of producing false information for public consumption. You are liable for the information that you release, so all translations must be completely error-free.


Social Media Content Translation

Social media marketing helps you build your brand identity and improves your brand visibility through online communications with customers. This enhances your relationships with potential customers as well, using the fastest and most rapidly moving communication channel in the world. There are tons of digital media and social networking sites, and each one has a specific purpose and they have their own characteristics as well. It’s important for businesses to be on Facebook with approximately 1.55 billion active users every month. Twitter is all about instant reactions and being in the moment, with approximately 255 million active users every month. If you want to reach out to people and ride trending news reports, Twitter is the best place to go viral. Instagram, on the other hand, is a visual platform where users interact and react via digital media in the form of photos, while LinkedIn is a professional social networking site with B2B purposes. Afreno helps you translate all of your social media content efficiently and cost-effectively.


Mobile Apps Translation

Mobile apps are incredibly important in this increasingly mobile world. Mobile phones are now a vital part of our everyday human life, and while calls and text messages are the core functions of a mobile phone, mobile apps are just as important. These apps may range from productivity apps that help us in our day-to-day activities at work and at home to leisure apps that we can use in shopping, dining, leisure, and entertainment. Mobile gaming is also one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and it all begins with a simple app.

For instance, in Qatar, the Metrash2 app is an important tool in helping citizens report and contest traffic violations among other functions. Social media apps help business reach out to their customers, while navigational apps us GPS to help users find their way around certain locations. No matter what your business may be, you will need to have your mobile apps translated accurately to maintain their usability, whether interface-wise or content-wise.


Q&A Translation

Q&As and Frequently Asked Questions help users get the answers to their burning questions regarding your business quickly and efficiently. These questions and answers are laid out in simple, easily accessible formats with direct questions from actual customers about a certain topic, service, or product. Formats include websites, email lists, articles, and online forums.

Having media and publishing translations on your Q&As with accurate information lets you reach out to your customers in a more direct and intimate matter, beyond the fancy or flowery words of an article or web content. When common questions pop up often, your translated Q&As can address queries on common knowledge gaps; plus, they also provide a good means to organize information laid out on your webpage. If a customer does not have enough time to go through the detailed descriptions of products and services, he or she may simply scroll through to your Q&As and check to see if his issues are resolved there.


Ads Translation

Any business, whether large or small and regardless of industry, needs some form of advertising to get the word out on their goods or services. Ads deliver important messages about your brand or your company through some form of mass medium in order to persuade buyers to make a positive purchasing decision. Your ads must be able to inform consumers about your goods or services, convince them to avail or make a purchasing decision, and remind them why your goods or services are better than those of the competitors’. Using these three objectives, companies must be able to create specific and quantified methods on bringing their message across.

With ads, accurate media and publishing translations are key to making your target market increase your bottom line. Media and publishing translations must be completely error-free to maintain your brand image and service quality across the board—thankfully, Afreno can do that for you promptly and very efficiently.


Presentation Translation

Presentations may be internal or external. Internal presentations within a company may include board meetings, new product presentations, performance indicators and charts, measures of success, company objectives, progress reports, and so much more. External presentations may be progress reports or product presentations to clients, suppliers, buyers, third parties, and customers. Regardless of your official purpose, presentations must not only be designed well and delivered properly, but they must also have accurate media and publishing translations as the data within them can be extremely sensitive. One mistake in translation can lead to a wide variety of detrimental effects, so accuracy in translations is crucial.

With Afreno, you can rely on us to provide cost-effective translations that won’t tarnish your brand identity and will stay true to your company image. With the accurate media and publishing translations that take even cultural and linguistic factors into consideration, you are sure to make a good impression no matter who your target audience may be.


Websites Translation

Websites can promote goodwill among your potential clients and your customers, as well as help you post relevant content that will increase brand awareness, brand loyalty, and eventually drive more sales to your bottom line. Your website should be able to deliver a strong marketing message to the billions of growing users of the World Wide Web every single day. The best part of it all is that websites can do all of these and more 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week, no matter where your customer is around the world. All he or she needs is an Internet connection and you will be as accessible as ever.

No matter how beautiful your web design is or how efficient your user interface may be, you will need accurately translated content if you want your business to be even more accessible to clients and customers all over the world.


Press Releases Translation

A press release for your company reports brief but relevant data about an event. Some press releases need to be published immediately for public consumption, as the information presented here has time limits when it comes to relevance. Your press release will promote something of great importance to your customers and clients, which may include letting them know about a certain happening, letting the media know about your business or product, or to help promote the appearance of your business or your online presence on blogs, websites and other social media platforms. This helps to increase your direct readership, and increase awareness for other potential customers out there.

Your press release should be brief, engaging, and relevant. Not only should the content be translated accurately by a certified translation service like Afreno, but you must also know how to use the right timing to your advantage when doing a press release.


Printed Materials Translation

Despite the move of more and more businesses to a more online method of doing things, print is still an incredibly useful marketing tool you should know how to take advantage of. Print media is tangible, and this means that your material can stay in the homes or offices of your target market for quite a long time. Print also increases your credibility for clients, as well as establish your brand image in printed publications. It improves brand recognition so that customers will attribute certain images and symbols or colours and icons to you no matter where they go. Print can also be more engaging, as customers normally spend more time reading print materials than browsing online information. And if your target audience is a niche market, print can go a long way in reaching out to them.

A great way to make your print material more engaging and interactive is to connect them with QR codes that provide a virtual experience or benefit to your customer. Of course, the most important thing is to have the contents of your print material accurately translated so as not to lose any important messages you wish to get across.