Legal Translations

Legal documents do not just mean paperwork that is used in court. These legal translations include documentation for power of attorney, contracts, legal wills, registration certificates, policies etc. Documents like these need to be translated with 100% accuracy without missing any details, as a single mistake could spell catastrophic consequences for all parties involved. If, for example, a single clause in a binding contract is mistakenly translated, not only will the two sides have trouble coming to an agreement, but this could also lead to lawsuits all because of a simple misinterpretation.

Legal documents, of course, are all legally binding. As such, these papers are highly sensitive and even confidential at times. You will need a trusted legal translations partner to provide you with expert translation services, guaranteeing not just complete accuracy but also quick turnaround times and an impartial tone. We will provide legal translations that not only preserve the content and intention of the original message, but also be able to do so in the target language without risking cultural nuances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a legal translator?

Your language service provider must know the subject matter and be familiar with legal terminologies. They must be able to relay the original content of a message in a straightforward but easily understandable manner.

Why is a legally translated Power of Attorney important?

Because a power of attorney (POA) grants someone the power to act for another individual, it must be accurately translated to avoid mistakes and misinterpretations between agent and principal.

What are the risks in a poorly translated POA?

Errors committed by an agent due to misinterpreted POAs can be costly both financially and otherwise. POAs are usually given when the person is incapacitated, so it is crucial to have someone who can act on your behalf correctly when needed.

What is formulaic language?

This refers to set legal phrases, formulas, numbering conventions, headings of clauses, housekeeping data, style, syntax, and structural elements in a contract. Examples include terms like “in witness thereof” and “now, therefore”.


Why should my translator be wary of formulaic language?

Knowing how to work around these terms lets your translator navigate the source contract better when translating accurately and more quickly.


Why is policy translation important?

If your company is caught in an audit and an employee is found to be disobeying company policy, the costs can be disastrous. Not only can you prevent this with an accurately translated policy, but you will also be able to ensure that productivity is high among your employees.


What else can policy translation affect within my company?

Aside from ensuring that the workforce produces high quality work, it is also your responsibility to translate the employee benefits and company allowances to the workforce. Doing so will raise morale and increase communications, as well as reduce employee turnover and enhance employee satisfaction.


Why should I have contracts translated if both parties can understand them anyway?

Fully translated contracts affect not just for the two sides involved but also for all third parties such as investors, stakeholders, the courts, the police, and other branches of government that may need to refer to these in case of investigations or as official references.


Why do I need certificates translated?

All kinds of certificates of registration are required to be translated for official use in Qatar.

Why is Afreno the right choice?

We not only have government liaisons to help you with your official business, but we also ensure all translated works are 100% accurate and of the highest quality.


POA Translation

With a Power of Attorney, you can assign someone to act on your behalf. This does not necessarily mean that the individual must be an attorney, and this is usually given when a person becomes incapacitated in one way or another. For example, medically, a power of attorney is a big factor when planning for some form of long-term care. Whether the POA is a general POA or a limited POA, having duly translated documents is essential especially because you will be assigning someone to take care of important affairs such as tax filings, signing checks, selling assets, handling your property, managing bank accounts, and so on. The duration of someone being in control of your legal, financial, or property may vary, and can have indications on the validity or the conditions to be fulfilled upon execution.

As such, it is essential to have duly translated POAs that are completely accurate so as not to mistakenly relay information to relevant authorities.


Contracts Translation

Given that the contents of a contract are extremely sensitive, having a trusted partner to translate your documents for you is an absolute must. Your translator must not just have knowledge of both target and source languages, but he or she must also be able to distinguish between contract information and formulaic language. This crucial skill allows your translator to dissect the original document and then translate it well onto the target document. This also allows your language service provider to use their time more efficiently without getting too bogged down in the details of convention and format in contracts, allowing for a quicker turnaround time and a prompt delivery of your requirements.

With this in mind, you can rely on Afreno to provide you with expert legal translations service that not only will preserve the original content of your contracts but will also do so in the most cost-effective and prompt way possible.


Legal Will Translation

When translating legal wills, it is imperative that your language service provider is familiar with the terms and conditions surrounding inheritances and the handling of these matters in court. Terminologies from source language to target language may vary, so accuracy is crucial especially since the will is going to be binding and will determine sensitive matters upon an individual’s death.

Aside from the will itself, you should also have certified legal translations for existing contracts, court transcripts during the processing of the wills, corporate proposals and government proposals, confidentially agreements, witness statements, testaments, bank records, etc. Even birth certificates and other notarized documents must be translated, in case there is a need to prove the identity of the heirs. Because of all of these complexities, you should have a reliable translator who will alleviate the stress of processing these paperwork requirements especially during this trying time. Afreno can assist you with this and more.


Policies Translation

04 Policies Translation

Translating internal policies is key especially in a corporation with a large multilingual workforce. Management will not only be able to foster an understanding environment between all departments and among all employees, but they will also be able to guarantee that the whole workforce is aware of the standard procedures and codes of conduct within the company. Because compliance is an absolute must, the policies must be translated properly, accurately, and without bias. Your translator must be able to get the message across in the same vibe and tone as the original source document, without sacrificing the content nor the style of the source material.

Legal challenges may arise from poorly translated policies, especially if employees are unable to comply with the procedures within a company. This may lead to a huge financial loss, or even a stressful lawsuit. Afreno can help save you from all of that with our expert team of highly skilled translators who will get the job done, and get it done right.


Registration Certificate Translation

There are many types of registration certificates. These include certificates of enrolment, certificates of registration of goods, registration of licenses, professional certificates, educational certificates, certificates of accomplishments and completion, and so on. Applications for further studies in Qatar may also require a complete online admissions registration certificate, the official high school transcript, and a health certificate that is registered and issued inside Qatar. Medical certificates may also be needed when claiming medical insurance, or salary certificates may be required when applying for a bank loan. You may need to register goods when you are in the import and export industry, or even when you wish to register intellectual properties and rights.

Translation of these certificates saves you from the hassle of having incorrect data as your basis for personal identification, business registration, educational application, or job application. Afreno not only helps you with accurate legal translations but also provides fully reliable attestation of these certificates all for your peace of mind.