The Commercial Company is a Contract by which two or more natural or artificial persons commit that each participates in a project that seeks profit by offering a share of money or work and partaking the profits and losses of the project.

The Company may be composed of one person in accordance with the provisions of the Part 8 of the present Law.

Every Company established in Qatar shall be of a Qatari nationality. Its headquarters should be in Qatar, yet this does not necessarily imply that this Company enjoys the rights legally limited to the Qatari citizens unless such Company is fully owned by Qatari citizens.

No expatriate may be permitted to enter or exit the country unless he holds a valid Travel Document or Passport and an entry visa from the Competent Authority indicating the purpose of his entry.

The preceding paragraph does not apply in the event of Departure.

No expatriate shall enter or exit the country except through the ports determined by the Minister, and only after receiving an Entry/Exit Stamp on his Passport or Travel Document or any other mechanism established by the Minister.

Qatar is an independent sovereign Arab State. Its religion is Islam and the Shari’a Law shall be the principal source of its legislation. Its political system is democratic. The Arabic Language shall be its official language. The people of Qatar are a part of the Arab nation.

The capital of the State is Doha City; the capital may be transferred to any other location by law. The State shall exercise sovereignty on its own territory, and may neither relinquish this sovereignty nor cede any part of its territory.

This Law shall apply to the employers and workers, shall prescribe their rights and obligations and shall regulate the relationship between them.

The entitlements prescribed by this law shall represent the minimum entitlements of the workers. Any conditions contrary to the provisions of this law shall be void even if made prior to the date of effectiveness of this law unless the said conditions are more advantageous to the worker. Any release, compromise or waiver of the entitlements prescribed for the worker shall be deemed void hereunder.