Infrastructure developments improve Qatar’s city centers as travel picks up again

The A-Ring Road Development Project is optimistically going to be completed by the end of the year, boosting better infrastructures and an improved traffic flow in the heart of Doha. According to Ashghal, project works will be finished in the fourth quarter of 2021, which includes nine intersections to ease the congestion of the bustling center.

While the project is being implemented in five phases, construction is well underway and in good time, too. For instance, the Dar Al Kutub Roundabout will be converted into a signal-controlled intersection, and the development of the Al Rifaa, Al Diwan, Hamad Al Kabeer, Nasser Bin Khaled, Al Kahrabaa, Msheireb, Al Asmakh, and Sofitel intersections will be prioritized as well.

Because A-Ring Road connects a wide variety of commercial and residential areas, improvements in the infrastructure will prove beneficial to many residents and service facilities. It also links tourist destinations like the National Museum of Qatar, and Souq Waqif and Al Bidda Park.

In other news, 4,900 new units will be handed over this year in order to give Qatar’s residential supply a welcome boost. Also, travel is now continuing to pick up as Covid-19 measures ease up gradually. The country has also revised its travel and return policy, with certain quarantine-free measures depending on countries of origin and vaccination doses for the traveler. All these still come as the Government of Qatar’s efforts to curb the spread of the virus and yet maintain proper economic transactions to keep businesses afloat.

“As Covid-19 restrictions continue to be relaxed and there is more movement in the community, people are starting to travel, hence the currency business has witnessed an uptick this month. Because more people are embarking on travel, there has been a tendency to take more foreign currencies and the result is good. We are preparing for this surge and that is why we are importing foreign currencies to address the needs of the public,” says Trust Exchange general manager K N S Das.

“People are able to travel now thanks to vaccination, testing, and compliance with Covid-19 protocols. Hence, there has been a corresponding rise in the demand for foreign currencies and people could be seen lining up outside these exchange houses,” he adds. “Our business depends on the actions and activities of people, so these recent developments and changes in health and safety protocols for Covid-19 had spurred a lot of movement in the markets, which is why the industry stands to gain from all of this. The more that money comes to the hands of workers, the more business we get. In the same way, the more affluent lot who want to travel take foreign currencies, which is why we are expecting a surge in demand. All these recent government decisions have been advantageous for exchange houses.”

As part of the third phase of the gradual lifting of the state’s Covid-19 restrictions, private healthcare facilities can now operate in full capacity.

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