All the stages of incorporation, from the first meeting, through registration and obtaining a license, are conducted smoothly and quickly as part of our broad-based incorporation service. We have access to a great many authorities in the State of Qatar including the Ministry of Economy & Commerce and the Qatar Financial Centre, and across the GCC region. Our astuteness in business and solid legal advice are matched by our ability to provide a streamlined service that takes care of all the essential details, leaving you to take on the creative side with confidence.


Company Formation

Everyone from individuals to businesses of any size will enjoy enormous advantages from our skills and strategies, and the wealth of knowledge behind them. We offer a speedy, well-organised and adaptable service, dealing with everything you need to set up or form a business, fully taking care of the legalities and commercial elements. These are the entities we are competent in:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Free Zone Entity
  • Foreign Branch
  • Representative Office
  • Holding Company
  • General/Limited Partnership
  • Special Purpose Company


Nominee Local Partner

We can guarantee to secure your interest in your business through our role as nominee local partner, in full compliance with the 2015 State of Qatar Commercial Companies Law No. 11. It is a requirement for most Limited LIability Companies to have a Qatari individual or corporate partner that holds a minimum of 51% of the company shares. By performing this function we free you for ownership, operation, control and management of your business without needing to engage the local partner.

Securing our nominee local partner services are a collection of additional documents that are enforceable by law, and that will allow you to operate your business with the minimum exposure to risk,and the maximum protection.


Registration and Licensing

We are equipped to help you approach a range of government and non-government jurisdictions to get approvals in the areas of licensing and registration, regardless of what kind of business enterprise you are pursuing.


Senior Executive Function (SEF)

One legal requirement of the Qatar Financial Centre’s (QFC) framework of legislation is for every company they license to have a Senior Executive (SEF) who is normally a State of Qatar resident. Occasionally the company is unwilling or unable to comply with this regulation, in which case the employment and/or appointment of an SEF who is a Qatar resident can be taken on by another entity. We are able to offer this service through our parent entity, Afreno WLL, which is registered with the QFC as a SSP (Support Services Provider).


Principal Representative

Another requirement, according to the statutes of QFC Companies Regulations, is a Principal Representative who is normally resident in the State of Qatar to represent any Branch that is set up in the QFC. Once again our parent entity, Alreno WLL, registered as a Support Services Provider (SSP), can provide your QFC registered company with this outsourced service.


Company Secretarial

It is compulsory for any QFC company to be able to demonstrate their positive corporate standing with the QFC Authority. This is achieved through the services of a company secretary who performs the duties of making corporate filings, among others. In one of its roles as SSP (Support Services Provider), Afreno WLL can offer this service to your firm when it is licensed in QFC.


Registered Office Service

It is possible to avoid the unwanted cost of holding a registered office in the case of a Company set up as a Limited Liability Company by Guarantee (LLC (G)) if it is a ‘not for profit’ organisation. The regulations state that a QFC firm must at all times have a registered office in a QFC designated building, and this registered office address can be supplied by Afeno WLL, as it is registered with the QFC as a Support Services Provider (SSP).