Because of the vast investment landscape and the ever-growing economic developments in Qatar, the State has become one of the most lucrative locations to expand businesses for multinational conglomerates and hopeful start-ups alike. For instance, establishing your business in the Qatar Free Zones lets you enjoy a multitude of benefits like 100% foreign ownership, corporate income tax exemption, personal income tax exemption, repatriation of capital and profits, no foreign currency restrictions, and import and export duties tax exemption.

For entrepreneurial endeavours, there are many requirements that need to be met and plenty of complicated submissions to the necessary bodies of authority. Thankfully, Afreno has solid, long-standing relationships and liaisons with the said government bodies to help facilitate the processing of documents and paperwork for your start-up or your business expansion.

Establishing a fruitful partnership with Afreno can enable you to form your foreign branch or your WWL company (With Limited Liability) in the quickest, most hassle-free method possible. We can help you navigate the intricacies of current local laws so that everything is fully compliant and you won’t encounter any issues in incorporation along the way. This ensures that your company can enjoy the myriad of advantages of being a foreign investor in Qatar for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I establish my business in Qatar?

Qatar has one of the most positive and lucrative environments for foreign investors in the whole region. The government gladly welcomes newcomers to the local market with benefits that the Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) offers.

Why should I consult with Afreno?

Afreno has expert knowledge and in-depth experience backed by years and years of being in the business with our client satisfaction as our top priority. We can help you facilitate the necessary processes and requirements for your peace of mind.

What is Afreno’s incorporation service?

We can provide expert assistance in setting up your business from the very first meeting to the final license and permit.

What can Afreno’s incorporation service help me with?

Do you want to establish a partnership? Do you need to register a license? Do you need to have access to the opportunities in the region? Our liaisons with the Ministry of Economy & Commerce and the Qatar Financial Centre help us conduct smooth and quick transactions on your behalf.


Why can’t I do everything myself?

Because of our relations with the relevant government authorities, we can provide you with a streamlined operation and offer you expert business solutions and consultancy as to the opportunities in different sectors, the kind of company you can choose to form, the most competitive business model, and so on.


What keeps you ahead of the competition?

Aside from our experience, relations, and team of industry experts, we stay up-to-date with all current news and any changes to rules and regulations so that our information is always accurate and our best practices sound.


What is an LLC and a WLL?

These two similar business forms mean that the company is considered separate from its owners when it comes to debts and liabilities. The members cannot be held responsible for the debts of the company. Articles of organization are still required as in a corporation, with details pertaining to rights, obligations, and duties of the owners.

What is a sole proprietorship?

A sole proprietorship means that the business and the owner are one and the same—the business cannot be considered a separate legal entity. It is the easiest and the simplest form of business to establish, but it also means that the owner is personally liable for any of the debts that the company incurs. This is why business owners normally grow into more complex business forms after a while as the business grows.


What is a Free Zone entity?

Companies established in the Free Zones enjoy plenty of attractive benefits like tax advantages and 100% foreign ownership. The Qatar government has made is very enticing for foreign investors to expand their businesses in Qatar because of the many benefits of the Free Zones.


What is a foreign branch?

A foreign branch is the official representative of a company abroad. There are many requirements for a foreign branch, but Afreno can help facilitate these documents for you.


Limited Liability Company (LLC)

What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)? This corporate structure means that the owners cannot be personally liable when it comes to the liabilities or the debts of the company. With a limited liability company, the characteristics of a sole proprietorship or even a partnership are combined with the characteristics of a corporation. LLC owners or members can be individuals, foreigners, foreign entities, corporations, and other LLCs. Though articles of organization are also required as in a corporation, it is easier to form and is more flexible. It also provides more protection, but the profits and losses are reported on the owners’ personal tax returns. The wages of the members are also considered operating expenses and are therefore deducted from the profits of the LLC.

Afreno can help you with all of the intricacies of forming an LLC, including articles of organization that include details on powers, rights, liabilities, obligations, and duties of the members. Because the LLC is one of the most common types of company formations that business owners form in Qatar, you will find that our vast experience and numerous liaisons can benefit you greatly, whether you’re looking for a partner to guide you through from inception to fruition or you simply want attestations, translations, and documentation.


With Limited Liability (WLL)

Similar to the LLC, the WLL limits the personal liability of the principals. It allows for owners’ insulation from liabilities and debt because of the separation of the personal assets of the owners and the business assets of the company. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Qatar is the one who is responsible for the regulation and the registration of the WLL. In Qatar, the Qatari partner is the one who holds 51% of the company share. The foreign investor, on the other hand, owns the remaining 49% share. In the case of the Foreign Investment Law No.13 of 2000, the WLL company that is operating related to manufacturing, agriculture, health, tourism, and education can be allowed 100% foreign ownership.

All of these and more can seem quite overwhelming, but with Afreno’s expert assistance and partnership, you can continue with your business incorporation the most prompt and cost-effective way. We will guide you through every single phase and set you up for success so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour the way that you truly deserve.


Sole Proprietorship Company (SPC)

A sole proprietorship means that the business is essentially the same as the owner. It has no separate existence, and both losses and incomes are taxed on the personal income return of the owner. Despite this, the sole proprietorship company is the easiest and simplest business to form. The SPC is not a legal entity, and can be operated under the name of its owner. It can operate under a trade name as well, which can be fictitious and not a legal entity in itself.

The SPC is easy to set up at nominal costs. However, with an SPC, the owner himself or herself is personally responsible for all of the liabilities and debts of the business. As such, bank accounts are usually under the name of the owner. A lot of business owners, therefore, move on to a more complex business form when the company grows and develops further.


Special Purpose Company (SPC)

In order to help insulate an asset-based security from its originator, a Special Purpose Company is formed as a legal entity. It is created for a set reason and is not formed just to make general business. For instance, an SPC can be a superannuation trustee company, or even a Home Unit Company. The latter functions to administer the property wherein a group of individuals such as directors or members live. An SPC can also be a not-for-profit company for charitable purposes, which is prohibited from distributing to its members nor should it be paying fees to directors. Its income is solely used to promote charitable works.

When you feel overwhelmed and you need legal advice about all of these provisions, Afreno can be your helping hand and shoulder to depend on as you establish your business in Qatar. Our expert consultancy services can help ease the burden of processing all the requirements on your own.


Holding Company (HC)

A holding company can be a limited partnership, a parent corporation, or a limited liability company that can control another company’s policies because it owns enough voting stock. It can also oversee that company’s management decisions, but it is not actively involved in running the day-to-day operations of the business. It can, however, own property, patents, real estate, trademarks, and stocks. Because it is mainly involved in overseeing only, it is protected from losses if a subsidiary company goes bankrupt. Another advantage is the tactic of creating many subsidiaries for its separate business lines, effectively limiting the legal and financial liability of the holding company as well as its tax liability.

Having a holding company can be an effective strategy when it comes to depressing a company’s liabilities when it comes to taxes and legalities. Afreno can help you manage all of the complicated requirements needed in company formation in Qatar.


Free Zone Entity

The free zones in Qatar were formed in order to encourage more foreign investors to expand or build their business in the country. It attracts companies in trade and export with lucrative advantages, and a company can expand its services and operations with a branch as an extension and not as a separate company. The company must then prove that it is a solvent Free Zone entity.

When you register your company in the Free Zone, you will enjoy 100% ownership of the company, zero taxations, no customs duty for exporting and importing, and so much more. It basically allows you to conduct your business in Qatar to unlock your full potential, making your business flourish along with the other companies in a healthy and highly competitive business environment that’s built to cater to clients on a global, world-class scale. Let Afreno help you achieve that goal by consulting with us today.


Foreign Branch

By its name, a foreign branch represents a company in a foreign country. It can perform commercial transactions on its own, and normally, the branch office is a limited company that answers to the parent company abroad. Different countries have varying policies when it comes to the regulation of the foreign branch, but in general, the shares of the foreign branch are held by the parent company in the originating country abroad. There may also be certain limitations when it comes to percentage of shares when a company has foreign ownership.

With Afreno, we can help facilitate all of the necessary forms, permits, licenses, and other paperwork that the government will require from you in order to establish your business in Qatar, no matter what form of company it may be. We take pride in our comprehensive business consultancy services, which also includes attestations and translations for your hassle-free convenience.


Representative Office

When you open your branch in a foreign country in order to expand your market and reach out to more customers on a global scale, a representative office can help you establish good relationships with those potential buyers or sellers. Some countries require central government approvals, but the bottom line is that representative offices provide you with much-needed on-the-ground research and commits you to the foreign market on a more personal level. One of the greatest challenges in opening a branch in a foreign country is the fact that you are initially unfamiliar with how the culture and the environment works, especially when it comes to your target market. This is why representative offices are crucial.

This representative office can conduct non-transactional operations for you, especially if you do not have a foreign branch in that country. They are not used for actual business operations, but can be extremely useful in emerging markets around the world.


Registered Office Service

When you have a registered office service, this is the physical location where all of your company’s statutory documents are safeguarded. You must keep all of your statutory records in compliance with local legislation, because these must be made available for review at any given point in time. There are ways for you to acquire a registered office address, and Afreno can help you do just that and more.

Your registered office must be fully protected from both online hackers and prying eyes as the information regarding your statutory records can be highly sensitive. We know all about handling confidential data, and you can rely on our expert consultancy services not only to help you facilitate documentation and other requirements but also to process authentications, attestations, translations, and the like. We value quality customer service above all else, so we will process your requests as promptly and as efficiently as we can; after all, your success is our success, and we will help you achieve it.