How to Apply for Social Security Pension for the Elderly in Qatar

No matter where you are in the world, elderly people will always have a special place in society. Throughout their lives, they have contributed to the betterment of the community in a wide variety of ways, regardless of the field or industry. As such, it’s crucial to provide them with dignity as respected members of this aging world.

More importantly, elderly persons have a right to income security, and one of the most common ways to achieve this is through social security pensions. Social assistance for seniors allows older citizens to face the challenges of life and other difficulties that may come with aging. In developing countries, the additional burdens of the elderly even include taking care of children and family, as well as taking responsibility for the sustenance of other relatives. The older generation is also more prone to health issues, thrusting them into the difficult situation of figuring out how to manage exorbitant medical bills. Moreover, the elderly often no longer have a stable source of income, relying only on informal jobs for meager wages or on retirement savings, if any.

As such, it falls to the government to at least help alleviate these financial burdens to further provide security and protection to seniors as they are part of the most vulnerable sectors in the community.

In Qatar, elderly citizens who are over 60 years of age can apply for social security pension in the country. The eligible applicant must have no breadwinner to support them, nor should they have sufficient and stable income that is enough for a good quality of life. He or she must also be included in the disbursement rate in order to apply for the financial assistance or pension at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA).

To do so online, simply download the application form, which can be found on the “E-Services & E-Forms” page. Here, you will need to choose the “Social Security Department” menu and access the form on the service information page. Make sure that you submit the completed form with the right information to the Social Security Department. Don’t forget to include the required documents, which include the QID card of the applicant, along with the QID cards of the wife and children (passports will suffice if the children have no QID cards). You will also need to submit the educational certificates of the children, as it is a requirement for them to be enrolled in education for the applicant’s eligibility. Attach the salary certificate of the elderly if applicable, along with the bank account certificate. For females who are over 18 years of age, supply the certificate of non-marriage as well.

Once the pension has been approved, the amount of the financial assistance will be given according to the Cabinet Decision No. (46) of 2014 in reference to Law No. (38) of 1995

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