Governmental Documents Attestation

Need governmental documents attestation service in Qatar? Afreno takes pride in its strong liaisons with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Our regular communications with them involves facilitating governmental documents for clients, be it for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate for personal use or for employees, or an attested Fingerprints Certificate. Because documents involving the police are extremely crucial, it is imperative that you have your requirements authenticated and submitted correctly to ensure legitimacy.

The same is true with identification documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, and identity cards. For instance, a Qatar Identification Card can be issued to expats who wish to secure residence permits, or even when trying to open up a bank account. As plenty of bureaucratic processes will require these documents, having us guide you through the complexities of the legal system will not only fast-track the submissions and applications for you but will also provide you with some much-needed peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

A PCC is proof of your good conduct through a thorough background check to detect a criminal record, if any.

Why do I need a PCC?

You will need to secure a PCC for forming establishments, marriage, employment, immigrations, for studying, and other commercial activities.

I have been employed in Qatar for 6 months already. Do I still need a PCC?

Yes. You will need a copy of your ID card and a letter addressed to the Director of Criminal Evidences and Information. The Police Clearance Certificate must be attested by the Foreign Ministry of Qatar and other relevant authorities.

I am applying for a PCC from outside the country. What do I do?

You can apply through the Qatar embassy or even through the Metrash2 application or the website. Afreno can assist you with your application if you are abroad.


What are the requirements for applying for a PCC?

You will need a formal letter addressed to The Director General of evidence and criminal information, as well as relevant IDs such as your passport, residence permit, dates of first entry and last exit, and a full set of fingerprints that is duly attested for authenticity.


What is a Fingerprint Certificate?

The Criminal Evidences and Information Department (CEID) processes fingerprints to verify your true identity.


In which instances would I need a Fingerprint Certificate?

You will be required to submit this regardless if you are on personal, employer, or government sponsorship.


What is a Qatar Identification Card?

This crucial documentation is your valid proof of identity whether you are working in Qatar or have a residence permit in the State.


What is the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

The MOFA protects the foreign interests of the State, for instance, in conducting communications regarding agreements, treaties, foreign policies, documentation requirements, and the like.

How can Afreno help me with my governmental attestation?

Afreno’s expertise extends to the various complexities of the legal requirements when it comes to dealing with all kinds of governmental documents attestation. We know what we are doing, and you are in good hands.


Police Clearance Certificates

As issued by the Qatar Criminal Evidences and Information Department (CEID), the Qatar Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from the Qatar Ministry of Interior (MOI) aims to confirm an individual’s good conduct by conducting a thorough background check. This document serves as evidence that a person does not have a criminal record. If a criminal record is indeed present, then the details of the record should all be specified on the PCC. If you wish to apply for further studies, career advancement, immigration, marriage, or other commercial activities, obtaining a PCC is mandatory. Foreigners who have been living in the state for a minimum of 6 months and have a residence permit may also apply for the PCC. Afreno can help facilitate these processes in order to consolidate all documentation and requirements needed for the attestation of the PCC. Our government liaisons are industry experts who will always make sure that you are in good hands.


Fingerprints Certificates

As processed by the Criminal Evidences and Information Department (CEID), fingerprints serve to prove an individual’s identity under the framework of the Ministry of Interior (MOI). This vital technique serves as authentic evidence to identify a person no matter where you are in the world.

In Qatar, fingerprinting is a requirement for applying for residence permits, extended visits, and so on. The fingerprinting department at the CEID is fully equipped with accessible facilities connected to the department database in order to process fingerprints easily for both Arabic or English speakers. You will need your fingerprint registration form, your sponsor details, your original passport and a copy of it, your blood group report, and a request letter from your sponsor (this may be optional at times). With Afreno’s all-in-one consultancy service, we can facilitate all these fingerprinting certificates’ attestation to make sure that your documents are genuine for the relevant authorities.


Ministry Documents

Aside from the PCC and the fingerprints certificate, there are a myriad of ministry documents that need attestation as well. For instance, the Consular Affairs Department provides assistance with diplomatic and consular missions. This includes issuance of transit tickets to newborns and Qatari nationals with lost passports. If you are a Qatari national and your passport expired in a foreign country due to a certain type of treatment, a training course, or a long duration of further studies, the department can also help you acquire a new one. It can also issue authorizations for Qatari nationals who wish to handle their affairs locally and abroad.

With all these services that aim to protect the personal and business interests of Qatari nationals who are abroad, there are also document requirements that all need certification as proof of their authenticity. There is always a risk of falsification of documents abroad, and Afreno can help strengthen out all documentation with proper attestation.


Identification Documents

In 2014, residency permit stamps were phased out, making Qatar ID cards extremely important in verifying a person’s true identity. This is especially true for expats, who will only be able to prove their identity officially via Qatar ID cards and no longer via passport stamps. Even individuals who wish to return to Qatar must resent their passports and their ID cards together to be allowed entry into the country.

A lost ID card must be reported to the General Directorate of Passports, and must be attested as well if it was lost in a foreign country. Afterward, he or she must issue a lost report at the Expatriates Affairs Department. Identification documents are extremely important no matter what your business or personal dealings are in the state. Because the government has no tolerance for the risk of having falsified documents when it comes to your identification, all of these must be attested for verification.


Police Documents

Police documents are highly sensitive documents that contain pertinent information about your identity no matter where you are in the world. Aside from your completed application form, in general, you will need a valid copy of your residence permit, a valid copy of your passport, and your original fingerprints as certified by the embassy of your country. Your Police Clearance Certificate must be duly attested to ensure that it is a hundred percent authentic. You may also need a sponsor letter from your company, as well as two photographs of 4 x 6 cm sizes.

Police documents are necessary for verifying your true identity. It is imperative that your records with the police department are fully attested to prevent the risk of falsification of documents and tampering of criminal records. A full background check on your history will be conducted to ensure that all criminal records, if any, are fully identified and detailed in the report.



Any traveller, whether on business trips or on personal leaves, should secure their passport at all times. In order to prevent any difficulties that can be encountered while travelling, passports and identity cards must be valid and fully effective. Visas must be obtained completely in the countries that require them, and you must always take care to comply with the various rules and regulations of the host country. Aviation regulations such as carrying prohibited items must also be upheld. You should always keep your passport number and ID number with you for easy referencing, especially in the case of a lost passport. Keep the numbers of the Qatar Embassy with you, and before anyone asks you to show proof of your identity, verify their official capacity first.

Because passports are of the utmost importance no matter where you travel, it is crucial to have them attested as proof of validity whether in or out of Qatar.


Qatar Identification Card

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has warned all residents and employees in Qatar to have their ID cards with them at all times. This important document is a valid proof of your identity and residency, and should be presented at the request of authorities if needed. In line with Law No. 21 of 2015 on the Entry, Exit, and Residency of Foreign Nationals, “During his residency, the Foreign National shall submit his Passport, Travel Document, or Residency Permit to the Competent Authorities when requested. He shall answer any questions asked of him, and within the appointed time established for him.”

Should anyone refuse to present his or her ID to the authorities, that individual could be fined up to QR10,000. Because the Qatar Identification Card is pivotal when it comes to your identity, it must be duly attested by a consultancy service that you can fully trust. This is where Afreno comes into the picture.


Driving License

For your convenience, you may apply for a Driving License Certificate online. Simply log on to the Ministry of Interior website and click “Traffic Services”. Choose the “Traffic Certificates” service, and click on the Certificate Specification page. Afterward, select “Driving License Certificate”. This should prompt you to provide your email address in the text box. Simply pay the necessary fees and you should be good to go.

The Driving License Certificate must be fully attested in order to prove its authenticity to the necessary bodies of authority should the particular document be requested. Afreno has numerous dealings with the relevant government bodies to help facilitate attestation of this certificate. We not only help you with the complexities of the whole process, but you can also rest assured that your attestation is fully authorized and accepted by the necessary government departments. Our years of excellent customer service and our impressive track record will not let you down.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

According to Law No. (39) Of 2005, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) serves to protect the interests of the State abroad. It officially introduces Qatar to the world and tells everyone about its cultural values and its appropriate policies globally. It proposes foreign policies to HH the Emir, and after approval is obtained, it will oversee and follow up the proper implementation of the said foreign policies in coordination with the different governing authorities.

The MOFA plays a pivotal role in the proper exchange and maintenance of good cultural and diplomatic relationships with other countries, as well as the consular representation with regard to regional organizations. Afreno has longstanding liaisons with the MOFA when it comes to the various governmental documentation that is required for all kinds of personal or commercial dealings. We take great pride in our services on attestation that have unparalleled quality for all our clients.