Educational Translations

For anyone who wishes to pursue further studies, additional qualifications, or added training courses in Qatar, prerequisites are necessary to prove your skills, whether it is a personal decision or something that is subsidized by your employer. Accredited translations of your degree certificate, as well as your diploma and other educational records, must be submitted accordingly. This is especially true with higher credentials as well, which includes degrees in engineering or other technical fields.

Students from international schools will likely have school records that are in English, which will also require attested educational translations into the official language in Arabic. Degrees and certificates in PhDs and MBAs must be expertly translated for job applications and other claims. This also includes books, thesis translations, publication documents, and so much more. With all of these nuances, Afreno can help facilitate educational translations that are reliable and accurate no matter what your official purpose will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is diploma translation important?

Translating diplomas must be accurate for both source and target countries. It is proof of your educational qualifications, and must therefore be free of error, clear, and precise to be acceptable to job applications and when pursuing further studies in Qatar.

Why is degree translation meticulous?

Degree translation that is accurate and reliable depends on a number of factors. On top of the skill of the translator, the language service provider must also have a keen attention to detail, as even the smallest watermark or the faint illegible fine print must be translated properly.

My degree is an old document. Can I still have it translated?

Our team of experts will do our very best to decipher information in an old degree. It is important for you to send us the clearest copy possible to ensure that it is not rejected.

Why do I need to have my books translated?

Translating books will open them up to a more global audience. Afreno can translate from English to Arabic and vice versa using the expertise of our linguists who have reliable experience in every language.


What is the difference between informal and formal educational translations?

Educational documents may or may not be wordy. Formal translations are brief and straightforward, with special attention given to compound and complex structures, as well as overall tone and voice.


What do you mean by the nuances of language?

Words are not simply translated as they are. For instance, the active or the passive voice will have an impact on the overall message. Cultural references must also be taken well into consideration.


How do nuances apply to educational documents?

Educational documents may have certain terms used in the academe that unprofessional translators may not know about.


What are the common mistakes of unofficial translators?

Inexperienced translators may simply translate documents word-for-word without paying attention to the nuances of different cultures and languages. How an educational document will be used is also an important factor to consider when translating officially.


Why is Afreno a good choice for educational translations services?

Our team of professionals are subject matter experts who know how to translate educational documents according to how they will be used and according to purpose and content.

What else can Afreno do for me?

Our consultancy services include attestation as well so that you won’t have to take your translated documents for certification elsewhere.


Diploma Translation

When an individual successfully completes a certain course of study, a certificate called a diploma is issued to the student. A diploma should contain the full name of the recipient, the student’s course of study, and the educational institution. The date of completion must also be included, as well as the person who represents the said educational institution with the official seal. This particular educational document is an official proof of a person’s professional qualification, whether for seeking job opportunities afterward or for applying for further studies elsewhere. Because this official document is crucial in determining a person’s educational attainment when pursuing training or employment, it is imperative that the translation be put in the hands of a trusted certified translator.

Having a translator who has sufficient knowledge and experience in the educational systems from both the originating country and the country the diploma will be used in is key.


Degree Translation

Whatever your degree may be, it may be required for immigration purposes into a different country. Official bodies of authority such as overseas universities and foreign companies will require certified translations of your degree to ensure the validity and accuracy of your educational attainments, whether this is for legal or medical purposes. As such, it is imperative that your translation partner be well-versed in all languages, whether for the mother tongue or for the second language of a particular country. Your translation service must have years of relevant experience in degree translation, as well as solid foundations of relationships with the necessary governing bodies in both the academe and in the business world.

Afreno boasts of solid first-hand experience through the years in providing accurate, clear, thorough, and precise translations for degrees, leading to the successful careers and further academic achievements of various happily satisfied clients all over the globe.


PHD Translation

As a PhD is an extremely prestigious educational attainment that is not at all easy to achieve, why should you let anyone ruin the proper translation for the governing authorities? It’s important for them to clearly see all the details of your PhD, which is why having a trusted translation partner to accurately lay out all of the pertinent information is crucial.

Afreno’s team of experts are fully conversant with the various nuances and terminologies of a degree certificate regardless of region and educational jargon. It is never prudent to simply have a good friend translate your degree for you, as this risks your application or your paperwork getting rejected. You should give as much importance to the translation of your PhD as you did with achieving it. Nobody should belittle your academic attainment, so why not hire a true professional service to translate all of your accomplishments for you?


Books Translation

Afreno does expert translations for academic and non-academic books from English to Arabic and vice versa. The contents of the book must be translated for acceptance into public libraries or to be used as official reference material in educational institutions. As such, only the highest quality work must be accepted when it comes to the detailed and accurate translation of these books.

Afreno’s team of professional experts takes pride in a vast database of knowledge and years of solid first-hand experience in translating books from cover to cover. Every language is unique, each with its own set of nuances that should be carefully taken into consideration especially when translating books for academic purposes. Rest assured that we know what we are doing and that the message will be clearly and accurately sent across no matter what the culture. To top it off, our translations are done with the utmost cost-effectiveness and in the shortest, most reasonable timeframes possible.


Educational Certificates Translation

For employment opportunities abroad, companies will require you to provide certified proofs of your degrees, diplomas, and other relevant professional qualifications. Educational attainments are well-earned and the accolades are well-deserved, so providing proof of the authenticity of these documents is crucial when showcasing your capabilities to potential employers. Companies will also use these documents as official evidence of your special skills, and these will allow them to have a basis of what you can handle if they do decide to hire you for whatever your desired position is.

Having your educational certificates translated properly will make sure that no detail is spared or overlooked. It is also important to have accurate translations of licences, professional recommendations, training certifications, testimonial letters, and so much more. All these must pass academic standards whether it’s for immigration, exchange programmes, or even in courts of law. With Afreno, your translations can be done accurately and promptly in the most cost-effective way possible.