Educational Certificates Attestation

With the various documents that are required for submission in commercial dealings in Qatar, it might seem complicated when everything needs to be attested. Afreno provides expert consultation services for all kinds of clients all over the world. This includes educational certificate attestation, as providing evidence for academic credentials is vital in a variety of professional situations.

As an employer, you might be required to produce certified proof of your employees’ diplomas, degrees, M.B.A., or Ph.D. As an employee, you might be required to produce the same when applying for a job. Normally, these documents are acquired abroad, and as such, it may be necessary to have these documents validated by apostille. This apostille allows a certificate that is obtained in a different country to be recognized in Qatar. With Afreno’s long-standing relationships with institutions such as the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, we can provide you with assistance every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know which certificates will be required from me?

Afreno can give you expert advice on what certificates are needed for which purposes, as well as liaise with the necessary departments for your cause.

Why do I need to get an education certificate attested?

Afreno can save you from the inconvenience of back and forth appointments and incomplete requirements by assisting you with attested educational documents every step of the way.

Why should I hire Afreno to assist me to get an educational certificate attestation?

Afreno has a long-standing relationship with the necessary departments that can provide you with complete, professional, prompt, and cost-effective educational certificate attestation and facilitation for a hassle-free submission process.

What is a bonafide letter?

The embassy requires a bonafide letter that states that you studied in the said institution during a certain period.


What is included in a bonafide letter?

It should have information related to the duration of your course, the type of degree taken, the study system, the certificate authority, and so on.


What other documents are required for the educational certificate attestation process?

You might be required to submit the Original Certificate issued by the home country, your final mark sheets, your passport copy, etc.


What institutions are involved in having an educational document attested?

For an Educational Certificate in Qatar, you will need a Notary Attestation from the Home Country, Foreign Affairs Attestation from the Home Country, Embassy Attestation, and the involvement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar.

I want to advance my career in Qatar. Do I still need educational certificate attestation even if I’m not studying?

Potential employers require you to submit attested educational certificates as proof of your educational attainment. These certified documents also show your verified accomplishments in the academe in order to gauge your working skills.


What is the Ministry of Higher Education certificate attestation?

The educational system in Qatar is managed by the Supreme Education Council (SEC) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) to optimize learning opportunities for old and new students alike.


What do I do if I want to study in Qatar?

You can check the Ministry’s list of universities to choose from a wide variety of top-notch institutions to enrol in. Afreno can help facilitate all documentation once you have chosen your specific field.



If you want to legalize and certify your diploma in Qatar, the Qatar Consulate or Embassy will give you strict requirements when it comes to the attestation of diplomas and transcripts. You may be asked to provide a copy of your passport, as well as your original diploma as notarized by your school registrar. Keep in mind that this diploma must be the original copy, or a new copy requested from your school. Black and white copies will not suffice.

You will also be asked to provide your original transcript printed by the educational institution and notarized by the school registrar. Moreover, you will need a signed letter from the university. This is also known as an Enrolment Verification Letter, and it must be addressed to the Consulate General of Qatar with an ink signature. Finally, you will be asked to provide your offer letter as signed by both you and your employer.



Because Qatar is one of the most attractive landscapes for both business endeavours and professional career advancement, eager applicants flock to the nation in search of a more fruitful future. Educational certificate attestation for necessary certificates in acquiring a permanent working visa in Qatar is required. This ensures that documents are genuine and that educational attainments and degrees are verified by all parties.

With a degree certificate attestation, your employee will be able to verify the validity of your final marks, your courses, your enrolments (both online and in campus), your educational attainments, your certificates, your diploma, and so on. Your degree must be clearly stated and verified by your educational institution, as well as the period of time you took the course, and whether or not you were a regular student at the said institution. This validates your degree for employment purposes, or for further studies and higher education in the region.



The Permanent Constitution of Qatar declares that education is a basic foundation for society’s progress. If you are looking for a place to pursue further studies and attain a higher level of education, Qatar’s bustling academic landscape boasts of one of the most attractive educational scenes in the region. You can pursue a degree and immerse yourself in the cultural and technological hub that is Qatar amid safe environments and rich Arabic heritage. The educational system in the country continues to evolve with the changing times, growing along with the innovations currently on-going with the rest of the globe.

Qatar has many partnerships with international educational institutions, ensuring that you are fully immersed on both Arabic and English teaching methods. To enrol in higher education, you will need to accomplish online admissions applications, as well as provide official and certified transcripts that must be attested before submission to pursue your PhD.


Bonafide Certificate/Letter

The Bonafide Certificate is a proven document that validates your enrolment to a specific educational institution. You will be required to submit a bonafide letter when you are looking for employment, when you wish to apply for an education loan, when you are applying for a visa, and so on. Bonafide letters are essential not only for students but also for professionals who wish to visit an industry for a project, for attending conferences and business seminars, for participating in workshops in colleges, for availing of travel concessions, for joining public libraries, for taking out a bank loan, or for opening bank accounts.

Your attested bonafide certificate must indicate the name of your school and all the pertinent information of the student. It should include the full details of the degree, the study system, and the period of the course, all signed by the appropriate authorities from the educational institution.


Ministry of Education and Higher Education

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education maintains a discipline-based list of universities that is updated every two years in order to provide enrolees more opportunities to strive for academic excellence in the region. This list encourages potential students to pursue their desired fields while showcasing the highest international quality and educational standards that the country has to offer.

As managed by the Supreme Education Council (SEC) and the Ministry of Education (MOE), the education system in Qatar develops higher education by optimizing the talents and various capabilities of students, as well as developing their knowledge and skills to prepare them for the real world in a world-class educational setting. Hopefuls are required to submit attested educational certificates for all kinds of enrolments, and Afreno can help facilitate all of these requirements (health certificates issued inside Qatar, school transcripts, official test scores, ID cards, etc.) for a smoother application process.