Ecommerce Translations

E-commerce in Qatar is one of the fastest growing industries in the State. Because of the continuously expanding commercial activity in the region, business opportunities like Ecommerce translations service are ever increasing, making the investment landscape in Qatar as lucrative as ever. As such, plenty of foreign companies are choosing to expand to the country in order to gain a strategic foothold in the region business-wise. With the constant development of industrial areas, offices, business parks, transportation enhancements, shopping districts, residential areas, and commercial hubs comes the rise in eager entrepreneurs looking to expand their investment horizons especially to take advantage of the attractive benefits from the Qatar free zones. On top of this, the youthful profiles of the influx of new business endeavours only predict a longer term of stay for all these business hopefuls who wish to enrich their careers and business in Qatar.

All kinds of commercial documents are required when it comes to start-ups and expansions, and Afreno can accurately and cost-effectively translate these commercial documents to the best of our ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of e-commerce documents should I have translated?

All business dealings must be properly and accurately translated, as well as product descriptions, branding materials, corporate packages, websites, and everything that you need to lead to your business’ success.

What happens when a marketing material is translated word for word?

There are many cultural nuances in trying to get a message across. One wrong translation may result in bad PR that may ruin a brand in that region for good.

How important is localised translation?

Information must be localised so that the translated product descriptions are relevant to your target market. For instance, when you translate your product descriptions, you must use local units of measurement, local currency, and local vernacular.

What else should be considered for product translations?

Aside from the accuracy of product description content, it’s also important that technical things like SEO keywords not get lost in translation. Human translation is crucial here, as machines will not be able to have proper insight on the most significant SEO impact of your products.


Why should I stick to just one translator as much as possible?

Your product catalogue will undoubtedly expand as your business grows. It’s important to have the same translator so that your language service provider will be familiar with your style, branding, and message consistency across the board.


Language and content skill is important. What else should I look for in a translator?

Your translator must be able to possess excellent writing skills that can be adapted to all cultures. They must be able to adjust the tone of the piece depending on the purpose of the translated document.


My translator is not professionally trained, but is a good speaker. Shouldn’t that be enough?

Having a good grasp of adaptability must be accompanied by technical writing skills as well. Ecommerce translations must be free of all grammatical and syntactic errors so that the document will be considered professional.


Why is translation of branding materials important?

Accurate and professional Ecommerce translations help build confidence in your brand and can enhance your company’s image. Branding materials will also contain pertinent data about your company, such as addresses and contact information for customers to be able to reach you when needed.


What other technical skills should I consider?

Your language service provider should be familiar with the standard format in all regions. For instance, some countries use a day/month/year format, and if this is incorrectly translated, it can result in dire consequences.

What makes Afreno a Ecommerce translations expert?

We not only know the languages and the content (this includes details like if a language is read left to right and vice versa), but we also know the necessary connections needed for quick processing of documents.


Product Description Translation

In creating product descriptions, it’s important to have a plan in place for your ecommerce translations. When you plan ahead, you will be able to save valuable funds that otherwise would have been wasted with poorly planned and improperly executed product description translations. This will also save you hours of wasted work that may result in negative press for your product launch.

For instance, with a properly translated product translation, you should take into consideration the target market. Where are your customers from, and what are the important aspects of their culture and beliefs? Do you need to have your whole product catalogue translated, or will you be targeting specific segments of the market for particular products only?

Product translations are not just simply done by copying and pasting. Not everything can be translated into different languages word for word, at the same time taking into account all the nuances of culture. This is also why you should never under any circumstance have a machine translate for you. Afreno’s expert linguists and subject matter experts can take the problematic matter off your hands for your peace of mind.


User Receive Translation

The best translations for various users should deal with the customer personally and directly. It’s essential to know how to communicate your ideas in every language without sacrificing the quality of the content. It has to be engaging, simple, yet conversational. You should be able to communicate the features so that the user will be able to receive the message clearly and in a positive light.

You should also keep in mind that customers from various regions react in radically different ways with different behaviours, so enticing users with commercial descriptions can also prove to be a challenge. International customers may have different terminologies from domestic markets, so adapting to target languages must never be taken lightly. On that note, Afreno has years of solid experience in translating all kinds of commercial documents for you, so you can rest assured that the translation is of the highest quality.


Customer Support Translation

When it comes to customer support, having personalised messages with a distinctly human feel is important. You should be able to send a very casual and conversational vibe for the customer so that he or she will feel comfortable with your translated assistance. While computerized translations can provide you with quick fixes, they are often impersonal and quite detached from the customer. This is why a good, professional translator is invaluable especially when customer service is concerned.

With customer support, more often than not, you are trying to appease a disgruntled customer. He or she may have trouble understanding a particular product or service, or they may need assistance trying to operate a device. They might need help in basic and advanced troubleshooting, and they will be relying on your solid knowledge of their problem to help come up with a solution. As such, proper translations that are patient, kind, accommodating, and with an expert skill level on the subject matter are all a must. Afreno does all that for you and so much more, helping you stick to your commitment to excellent customer service no matter what the situation. To top it off, we provide these translation services with a quick turnaround time to help you steer clear of any unwanted delays.


Static Website Translation

In this increasingly online world, one of the most important tools that a company should have is a good, high-converting website. This primary tool can be used to market services, goods, or even B2B (business to business) products, and best of all is that it has a worldwide reach. A high-quality, professional website translation will not only expand your reach across millions of other markets out there, but it will also significantly expand your potential business opportunities. If your website becomes the first point of contact for your customer, then it becomes especially more integral to your overall success as a company.

Good translation should be able to convey your branding, your image, and the essentials of your goods or services. Advertising copy is always carefully crafted and can be meticulous to translate, as well as widgets within your site that can help with bottom line conversion. With Afreno, you can fulfil more of your target market’s needs with accurate and quality ecommerce translations for all aspects of your website.


Branding Materials Translation

Multilingual customers are to be expected especially now that marketplaces all over the world are becoming more and more globalised. There is a plethora of branding materials that need to be translated properly then, which includes ad copy, social media posts, video scripts, brochures, press releases, articles, blog posts, video logs, and so much more. Every market translation is different, from cultural references to colours used, which is why hiring a professional with years of solid first-hand experience in the market is a must.

What may appeal to one target market may not appeal to another segment, or worse, you might inadvertently offend a particular cultural sector due to bad translations. Taglines, idioms, metaphors, and other kinds of play on words are all in the public eye and can be quite a challenge to simply translate haphazardly. Afreno can efficiently and cost-effectively help preserve your brand value with all your branding materials across the board.