Document Attestation

Afreno offers document attestation service as we take pride in its various interactions with government ministries due to our years of firsthand experience in every field. We have various contacts that we can rely on a hundred percent, regardless of your issue. We are duly authorized to deal with the Ministry and all its documents and requirements, allowing us the proper access needed into the departments to process your documentation seamlessly and hassle-free.

Whether you are aiming to start up a new business or simply looking for a new job in the lucrative landscape of Qatar, identification documents need to be verified and authenticated. Your passport, your identity card, or your driver’s license must all be verified and properly attested to ensure their validity. With Afreno’s foolproof document attestation services, we make sure that your documentation is properly certified so that they will be seamlessly accepted by the local authorities and by the necessary departments without a hitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of documents need to be verified?

Personal identification documents such as your passport, your licenses, or your identity card all need to be verified.

How will I know if my documents are enough?

You must secure properly attested documentation, such as police documents and clearances, to ensure that the requirements will be accepted by the local authorities.

Do I need to have my documents translated?

Legal documents such as immigration papers or birth certificates need to be translated for usage in official purposes.

Why should I have my documents attested when they came from the governing bodies themselves?

Application forms and procedures will require that you have your documents attested to ensure that they are not fake. You need document attestation to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in your applications.


Can I have my documents translated elsewhere?

You will need legal translators in order to have your documents properly translated for official use. Doing so ensures translations are 100% accurate.


What are the risks of improperly translated documents?

Because of the highly complicated subject matters and specialized terminology of legal documents, legal translations are crucial so as not to run the risk of creating misunderstandings between nations and languages.


What kind of attested documents does the Ministry require?

The Ministry of Interior has various requirements such as the Residence Entry Application Form for Investors and Real Estate Owners, as well as the form on Housing Unit Beneficiaries and their Family.

Do police documents need attestation?

Police documents such as clearances for employment, migration, education, marriage, and commercial activities all need to be attested properly before submitting to the necessary departments.


What kind of police documents do I need?

Police clearances vary based on their purposes. You may apply for clearances due to employment, establishing a new business, marriage, and so on. The requirements also differ for expatriates and those applying within Qatar.


I am applying from outside the country. What do I do?

The Qatar Embassy or the Metrash2 application can assist you with your concerns. Afreno provides full consultation services regardless of your purpose in Qatar.


Translated Documents

Translated documents must not simply be translated by anyone. Legal translators are the ones who are qualified to formally verify your documents for official purposes. These translators have legal degrees with significant experience only for top-notch quality service for all our clients.

You will need certified translation services for immigration papers, birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, regulatory documents, divorce certificates, protocols, informed consents, case report forms, research data, patents, and so much more. Securing professional and highly trusted translation services for all of these documents ensures that you will not encounter any issues during your application processes, regardless if you are looking for a job or you are looking to stat up a new business in Qatar. Legal translation plays a crucial role in all your legal proceedings in commercial sectors in order to prevent misunderstandings on key information when it comes to your business dealings and career requirements.


Ministry Documents

The Ministry of Interior has many required documents for all kinds of business and career endeavours in Qatar. These documents include Travel Permit For Qataris and the Family Visa Application Forms (there are forms for Bringing in, Residence Renewal, and Validity Renewal). Documents also include the Visa Entry or the Extension Application Form, which encompasses the Residence form, Visit, Return, Change, Replace Extension, and the Multiple Entry form. The Visa Submission Form includes Bringing in, Replacing, or Renewal.

For diligent workers, other documents include the Employer Transfer Application Form. This includes the form on Changing the Employer, Secondment, and the Work permit with other parties after office hours.

As for those already living in Qatar, the Resident Data Modification Form includes details on a Change of Passports Details, Changing Name, Changing Nationality, Changing Occupation, Change of Employee’s Name, or Loss of Passport or ID Card. All these and more need to be properly filled out and authenticated for seamless submissions to the necessary departments in the government.


Identification Documents

Various identification documents must be attested as well. Personal identification is extremely important, allowing the government and other relevant parties to verify your personal identification and to prevent mistaken identities and false accusations. Because these documents are key to your identity, they must be properly attested. This includes the Residence Permit Application Form for Investors and Real Estate Owners, as well as for Housing Unit Beneficiaries and their Family members. An e-application for the Exit Permit Application Form is required as well. Other documents include the Exemption Request Form, a Departure Certificate, a Residence Permit Application Form for business visits, a Company Registration Form, a Residence Cancellation Form, a PRO Accreditation Form, and even an Expatriates ID Form.

Identification documents for visas come in various methods as well. For Qataris, there is the Travel Permit Form. For visitors, there is the Tourist Visa Application, the Business Visa Application, the Business and Tourist Visa Extension, and the Return Visa Form.


Police Documents

Aside from Ministry documents and personal identification documents, police documents are also extremely important and highly relevant to your safety in applications. These police documents must be verified for 100% accuracy. The requirements for different types of Police Clearance Certificate or Good Conduct Certificate are varied, as reasons for applying for the PCC may include employment, education or migration abroad, for marriage or commercial activity, and so on.

For instance, for those who are applying for a job from within Qatar, you will need an offer letter from your employer which is addressed to the Director of Criminal Evidences and Information Department (CEID). You will also be required to submit a copy of your ID card, as well as 2 passport size photos of approximately 4*6 cm. You will need to supply your properly attested educational certificates, and a “no objection certificate” from your previous employer if this is applicable.