Corporate Support

Your business will proceed smoothly after it is incorporated in the State of Qatar under the MEC (Ministry of Economy & Economy) or QFC (Qatar Financial Centre) through the support of our great variety of business services. Our contribution will be to ensure complete compliance with the laws and regulations of these authorities.


Corporate Filings (Annual and Ad hoc)

It is extremely important for businesses to submit annual and ad hoc filings on time in the correct manner to the applicable authorities. Complying with these requirements will assure that a licensed and registered corporate entity is not subject to penalties or any other negative repercussions, and that it maintains its good standing in whatever legal context it is permitted to carry out its particular business activities.

There are a number of services we provide to support these requirements: we can file annual returns and audited financial statements, along with performing ad hoc filings for changes of personnel such as director or secretary, changes in activities or senior executive function, alteration of registered office, or adjustments to share capital, etc.


Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

Our work in the legal realm includes every aspect of dealing with agreements, from drafting and preparation, to negotiation and review, whether the transactions are of a local or international nature, and whether they are in the commercial or corporate arena. The practical implications of local laws and regulations can all be explained to you in terms of their relevance for your business, and when there is the need for regulation filings in compliance with the necessary entities, we can take care of it.


Tendering and Company Classification

Information and documents related to a company wishing to bid for tenders published by the State of Qatar Government should be sent to the requisite authorities as part of the registration process. This is one of the many areas in which we excel at organising all the details.


Certified Legal Translations

We take on the translation of documents that have to be sent to governmental departments in Arabic. The fact that everyone in our team of translators is legally certified guarantees that all documents will be in compliance with local regulations. We can also produce certified translations in several other languages on a commercial basis.


Certification, Notarisation and Attestations

We are authorised to certify a whole range of documents, both personal and corporate, as “True Copies” in a Ministry context, along with providing notarisation and attestation services that also extend to a number of regional consulates and embassies.


HR and Immigration

There are a number of regulations in place governing labour and the status of employees. We have a multinational Labour & Immigration team that can arrange for your employees to obtain the obligatory residence permit before they start work. We handle all aspects of immigration requirements, including visas, so that you can be assured that your staff are in compliance with the laws regarding residence and employment.


Payroll and Wages Protection System (WPS)

We have developed a fully integrated in-house payroll and WPS salary processing system to process the salaries of your employees in accordance with the directives of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Our in house payroll and WPS salary process system has been designed to process your employees’ salaries in compliance with Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs directives. The payment of wages to workers is monitored and documented by the Ministry and the Qatar Central Bank through a comprehensive electronic system for payments in institutions regulated by the 2004 Labour Law No. 14. This makes sure that employers are in compliance with Labour Law Regulations, and commit themselves fully to the wage payment process in a systematic way.


Government Liaison (PRO)

We are experts at government liaison and the clearing of documents, thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of all the necessary requirements, and our vast experience with dealing with governmental and semi-governmental departments.


Business Reorganization

Among the many ways we can help with the reorganisation of your business is our ability to conduct a whole range of corporate changes. A non-exclusive list of these would cover changes in company name and address, company legal structure, as well as changes in directors and shareholders, capital and activities.


De-registration and Liquidations

We can undertake the entire deregistration process for companies registered in the Ministry of Economy & Commerce as well as the Qatar Financial Centre ensuring that the company is struck off in accordance with the requirements of the licensing jurisdiction.

The deregistration process of companies registered in the Ministry of Economy & Commerce or the Qatar Financial Centre, for example, has to be conducted in a formal manner according to strict rules defined by whatever jurisdiction a business is incorporated in.

We are able to appoint a liquidator, file paperwork and rule out the existence of outstanding mandates from the licensing authorities in these cases, for the satisfaction of requirements implied by the formal procedures of deregistration should a company wish to take this route.



We have a team of legal experts that can examine and correct mistakes on certificates relating to Qatar Police Clearance applications as part of conducting the application process. This way the whole procedure can be done in under a week. As part of this management service we offer vital support in the areas of evidence and documentation.