Commercial Translations

From hopeful start-ups to big international conglomerates, clients big and small from all walks of life come to us for commercial translations here in Qatar. The initial process of setting up your business alone already entails a myriad of required paperwork, and while you might already have the necessary documents to proceed with your entrepreneurial endeavour, having your papers translated accurately is a whole other issue. Even multinational conglomerates that have already been in the business for decades still need to submit fully translated and certified documents whenever they need to conduct official business in the State, whether this concerns salary certificates and policies for employees or terms and conditions or contracts between business parties.

Agreements, articles of incorporation, permits, licenses, and even corporate records—all of these need certified commercial translations from a language service provider that you can trust. In Afreno’s expert hands and with our years of solid experience, your required translations are in good hands, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to commercial translations of my documents?

Commercial translations of documents into Arabic is a requirement of the government. Even if a company is already fully operational, you will need reports and sales documents that will still need to be translated into Arabic.

I only have an e-commerce site. Do I still need translated commercial documents?

Even e-commerce sites need terms and conditions, as well as invoices, maybe packaging lists, or even trademarks, patents, and copyrights. These all need to be translated properly.

What is tricky about commercial translations?

Localisation of commercial terms, especially if industry-specific, can be a challenge to translate. Conditions, policies, and even product descriptions and manuals must be translated accurately to avoid the risk of customer injuries or lawsuits.

What are corporate records?

These hold all pertinent documents about a company, including minutes, shareholder meetings, director meetings, articles of incorporation, a stock register, and so on.


What does an invoice contain?

Aside from the invoice date, the invoice must contain the names and the addresses of the customer and the supplier, along with their contact details and contact persons. The goods or products must be detailed, along with prices and quantities. Finally, you must indicate the terms of payment for the invoice.


What is inside an AOA?

The articles of association can also be considered as a sort of user manual for the company. It outlines the methodologies that govern a corporation’s daily operations, with provisions on call of share, forfeiture of share, transfer of shares, surrender of shares, conversion of shares to stocks, share warrants, etc.


Why is permit commercial translations important?

Permit commercial translations is required by the government in order to make sure that your processes are all up to standard upon operation. For instance, the Fire Department Permit will be proof of fire safety if you are using flammable materials especially if your premises are open to the public.


What other permits do I need to translate?

Depending on your company, you may need to acquire translated an Air And Water Pollution Control Permit, environmental permits, sign permits, and so on.


Why should I translate my copyrights and patents?

Having your intellectual property protected is crucial so as not to let others copy your work for resale. Having them accurately translated ensures no details are overlooked, especially when the matter is brought to court.

Why is Afreno a good commercial translations partner?

Afreno has in-depth knowledge on how the business world works both here and abroad—not to mention our expert linguists have years of experience in the field as well.



Agreements Translation

A contract is a legal agreement that binds two or more parties in a formal understanding. This agreement is reached over a myriad of conditions, stipulations, and sworn elements, and these are not to be taken lightly. A contact is legally binding, and can be enforceable in a court of law. Your agreements, no matter what form they are, must be translated by very capable hands—someone who not only has a vast experience in the field, but also has a strong command of both target and source languages—nuances and specific terminologies included—in order to provide an accurate commercial translations that will not overlook a single thing.

A simple translation oversight can lead to disgruntled customers, ruined reputations, besmirched brand images, irreparable damages, and serious lawsuits. Steer clear of all of these pitfalls by hiring Afreno as your trusted translation partner and we’ll keep those costly mistakes at bay.


Terms & Conditions Translation

Customers often joke around that the terms and conditions of a certain product, device, website, or service are the most overlooked and most ignored parts of an official document. While this running joke makes light of the general provisions of a business, the terms and conditions of a company are, in fact, one of the most important corporate files you will ever have. This document contains special arrangements, requirements, rules and regulations, standards, provisions, and important specs that comprise a contract or an agreement.

These terms and conditions also detail ramifications for businesses and customers alike, should there be untoward instances. Companies must diligently draw up their terms and conditions and treat each line, word, and clause with the utmost sensitivity and meticulousness. In the same way, your translator must also devote the same kind of energy and painstaking effort to translate your documents as accurately, promptly, and cost-effectively as possible.


Corporate Records Translation

How can a company ensure that it is fully following all of the rules of the internal revenue services of the country? With corporate records, companies can ensure that it is operating and functioning the way they should. These record books contain all pertinent paperwork about the company, and can be stored online or in hard copy format. Because all of the data inside these corporate records are highly sensitive and at times even confidential, it is imperative for each company to keep these records securely, free from hackers and anyone who might wish to tamper with these documents with malicious intent.

These corporate records will be required by a variety of third parties who may wish to check on the company’s performance and standards, whether for a government audit or a police investigation. As such, having your corporate records translated accurately is an absolute must to prevent any mishaps with the authorities.


Invoices Translation

A sales invoice is usually sent by a service provider of a product manufacturer to the purchaser of said product or service. With this document, you are establishing the purchaser’s obligation to pay for the goods or services as you create an account receivable during a specified amount of time. This is essentially a verification of the contract or the official understanding between the seller and the buyer. Because sales transactions are recorded here, invoices are key in managing the bookkeeping and accounting recordkeeping system of a company.

The invoice must include the invoice date, as this will indicate the time limit for the payment if there is an agreed upon due date from the terms. As such, translations of invoices are extremely important, as overlooking a single detail in the documents can lead to disruptions in operations and overdue payments that may cause unwanted delays in a company’s day-to-day activities.


Articles Of Association Translation

The Articles of Association or AOA act as sort of the constitution of a particular company. Along with the memorandum of association, these documents contain the specific rules and regulations that must govern the operations and internal affairs of a company. The internal management staff are obliged to carry out the various objectives outlined in the document, as well as help define the purpose of the company amidst a set of guidelines on how procedures, policies, and standards are carried out internally in the organization.

These may also include voting rights, board proceedings, information on the board of directors, general meetings, shareholder contracts, minutes and the like. It may also include how shares are issued and dividends are paid, and the terms with which the stakeholders are managed. With this kind of high-level sensitivity, you simply can’t afford to have your documents wrongly translated no matter what the corporate situation.


Analysis Reports Of Products Translation

A product analysis is important for any company in order to ensure that all of the goods manufactured or the services rendered are still up to standards consistently. These quality checks keep a company relevant and make sure that the quality of a product or service does not decline over time.

Even as you create a product analysis of a product you already know by heart, it’s important to gather all of the marketing materials about a product and try to grasp what its image is and what comes to mind for a customer. You must record impressions on the durability and usability of a product, and cross reference everything with what the company actually does to improve the product. Take notes about the aesthetics, and see if this is still relevant with regard to ergonomics and usability. Form and function play an important role in product design, and all of these can make for a good product analysis, which has to be duly translated for the governing bodies of authority in the State.


Packing List Translation

The packing list is an important shipping document that is duly attached to delivery packages with relevant information about the delivery. The contents of the package must be indicated in the pouch or slip in order to inform government authorities, transport agencies, and customers of the package details. This will also help the shippers themselves handle the package accordingly.

The packing list must include details about the description of the contents, the weight, and the quantity. The pricing of the itemized contents is not included in the list. When the package is delivered to the recipient, the packing list also serves as an accurate basis of the tally of goods received. With an accurately translated packing list, you don’t run the risk of misinterpreted information on goods shipped and received by all parties. Afreno is able to handle all of the intricacies of these commercial translations correctly and efficiently to prevent any bumps on the road.


Permits & Licenses Translation

Depending on the nature of your business, there is a wide variety of licenses and permits that you will be required to submit throughout your whole entrepreneurial career. The permit is official proof that you are complying with the state laws or certain city stipulations that regulate services, products, and safety of usage.

For instance, a Seller’s Permit is used when you purchase merchandise with sales tax. This is also your resale tax number, which will be recorded by dealers and suppliers along with the government. These permits are issued by the State, so all of your prerequisites must be duly translated by an accredited translator in order for you to carry out your business dealings smoothly. Another example is the Health Department Permit, which is important if you are planning to sell food items to customers or wholesalers and other retailers. The health department will want to make sure that your food items and equipments are up to standard.


Commercial Documents Translation

Commercial documents must be completely translated for all of the bodies of authority that will require official paperwork as you go about your company’s daily operations. You need to be able to keep track of your articles of incorporation, any amendments that you filed, your annual reports, your corporate bylaws, official documentation of your shareholders during meetings, director meeting minutes, actions and decisions agreed upon during official meetings, and the names and addresses of the directors, officers, shareholders, and their shares.

Commercial documents are not only used for internal purposes, but they are sometimes also requested for public use when there is an issue of transparency or an ongoing investigation. As such, all of your commercial documents not only must be properly filed and organized for easy referencing in the future, but they must also be accurately translated by a certified translator who has strong liaisons with different branches of government.


Localization Translation

Even in this increasingly global business world, there are many nuances of culture that must still be addressed as they remain true in every language. For instance, not all languages will have direct translations for every word. Some terms that are completely harmless in one culture may be highly offensive in another. Idioms, acronyms, and sayings may not translate too well, and a popular term in one nation may be completely unknown in another.

When conducting a business with an international arm, it is imperative to have commercial translations that are culturally sensitive and are self-aware when it comes to localisations. Afreno’s team of highly skilled experts not only knows how to properly navigate through the tricky and treacherous waters of localisation translations, but we also take great pride in our in-depth knowledge of business industries and terminologies that will make your commercial translations with us completely stress-free and pain-free.


Trademarks and Copyrights Translation

What is your intellectual property? This includes designs, symbols, products, services, works, and processes that you have created or that your company owns. These also include artistic works and written documents, as well as logos and slogans. Intellectual property infringement happens all the time, and in order to protect your company’s own interests, you must know how to register your ownership with the necessary authorities.

As a business, you can copyright reports, books, and other original creations. You can trademark names, words, symbols, colours, and sounds that help distinguish your brand’s goods and services from others. This also helps to check if your chosen icons are already in use or not. Because these are proofs that protect your own interests, having them duly translated must be completely error-free. After all, you wouldn’t want another company or a rival corporation to be able to win over you in a court case all because of a simple oversight that was lost in translation, would you?


Patents Translation

The government grants a patent to deserving inventors who want to protect the work that they have done. This is so that other individuals or entities may not copy or use the work for sale or for any other purpose. A patent is generally valid for 20 years, and virtually anything can be filed for a patent protection. These can be processes, machines, or anything manufactured that is novel and useful. Note, however, that physical phenomena such as natural products and any abstract ideas like algorithms and such cannot be patented. The same is true with laws of nature.

A patent is normally more powerful than a copyright, and e-commerce companies are usually eyed more significantly by foreign investors when they have a certain number of patents under their belt. Afreno helps you protect these patents (and rightfully so) with accurately translated documents that will not overlook a single important detail.