Commercial Documents Attestation

Via our longstanding relationship with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), Afreno can provide expert assistance with the utmost professionalism and promptness when it comes to securing commercial document attestation. When you are seeking to set up a new business or you wish to move your foreign branch to a new location in Qatar, you will find convenient and cost-effective solutions with us as we liaise with the proper government channels to help you with your authentication of documents.

Because we conduct business dealings with the MOCI on a regular basis, we have the inside knowledge on all the ins and outs of the system, as well as updated information on the protocol for new companies. We have the most reliable data regarding certificates of incorporation, authorization letters, certificates of origin, analysis of product reports, packaging lists, invoices, import or export details, or memorandums of association, no matter what your commercial documents are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are commercial document attestation?

Commercial document attestation include certifications of various business dealings not only for setting up businesses but also when it comes to running them, such as financial statements and other contracts.

Why do I need commercial document attestation?

Commercial documents need to be attested for proof of validity. They must be accurate and properly authenticated to be acceptable to the necessary authorities.

What can Afreno do for me?

Afreno employs expert professionals to facilitate all kinds of authenticated documentation no matter what your commercial needs are.

Why would I want to move business dealings abroad?

Commercial document attestation is needed when you move abroad in order to widen your business prospects in a foreign country for expansion and globalization.


What kind of commercial documents need authentication?

These include certificate of origin, certificate of incorporation, invoices, and other contracts.


In which instances would I be required to provide commercial document attestation?

These will be required when you want to obtain the right to sell properties in your home country, when you wish to have your LLC partnership removed, to open up a bank account, and so much more.


I want to establish an import and export business. What do I do?

Afreno can help you with processing commercial invoices and other customs documents that indicate product details being transferred across international borders.


What is a commercial invoice?

This customs declaration is used in export businesses to indicate goods being transported, parties involved in the shipping, origin of manufacture, and the Harmonized System codes. All these must be attested for authenticity.


I want to incorporate a business. What do I do?

Afreno can assist you with all required documents in the association and formation of a company. Seven members must sign a MOA for a public company in the presence of a witness.

What is the role of the MOCI?

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is responsible for issuing the necessary licenses that businesses need to operate. It supervises markets and protects consumers while maintaining healthy competition in the business environment. It protects the interests of the commercial and the industrial zones to keep the state’s investment landscape as lucrative as it is. The MOCI is heavily involved in processing all your commercial documents.


Authorization Letter

An authorization letter is needed when you wish to give someone else the authority to do a task or carry out a responsibility on your behalf. It can also be used to inform someone that you have been replaced, normally in a business environment. Delegating your duties to another person should never be taken lightly. In order for an authorization letter to be effective, you must use the right tone that is formal and direct, as this letter is to be used for official purposes.

Keep it brief, and get straight to the point. It is imperative that you fully clarify the details of the person who will be taking up your responsibilities on your behalf, and how he or she is related to you. Clearly state the reasons for the circumstance, as well as the duration of the validity of the authorization letter. As such, it is imperative that you have your authorization letter attested to ensure its authenticity.


Memorandum of Association

A Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a legal document that indicates the details of the formation and registration process of a company. This is normally prepared for a limited liability company when defining relationships with various stakeholders. A MOA is usually easily accessible to the public, and contains pertinent details about the company, including the company name, the registered physical address of the company (this must be established prior to starting any operations and other business activities), the main objectives of the company with reference to financial resources, the distribution of the shares of the shareholders, and their names. Together with the Articles of Association, the MOA serves as the company’s constitution.

Because of the importance of the Memorandum of Association in corporations as a legal requirement for most companies in European countries, having it attested is crucial for its acceptability in authorized government institutions. Afreno can help facilitate these processes for your peace of mind.


Certificate of Origin

Also known as Form A, C/O, COO or CoO, a Certificate of Origin is an official document used in international trade whether as an electronic document or in a printed format. The exporter must complete this form, and a recognized issuing body must be able to certify the document. This recognized issuing body may be the Local Chamber of Commerce, State, Federal Government, or Company Representative. The goods that will be in the export shipment must be attested to have been manufactured or processed in a specific country.

Take note that the product origin is not synonymous to the location where the products were shipped from. Product origin is actually where the goods were made. Should the goods happen to be manufactured in two countries or more, the origin should be from where the last processing happened. To avoid any confusion, Afreno can help assist with these matters and more.


Articles of Association

Articles of association indicate the regulations regarding the operations of a company. This document specifies the purpose of the company, and how various tasks and responsibilities are to be carried out within the organization. This includes how accomplishments are made, as well as the procedures when it comes to appointing directors. This should also identify how financial records are handled within the company.

More details include how a company issues its stock shares and the manner in which it pays dividends to the appropriate parties. It clearly states how financial records are audited. In a way, articles of association are a type of “user’s guide” for the organization as it showcases the various methodologies for implementing operational tasks and other day-to-day responsibilities. Apart from the power of voting rights, the articles of association should contain pertinent information such as the company name, its main objective and purpose, the organization of the company, its share capital, and particulars about shareholder meetings. With Afreno’s expert assistance, you can have your articles of association attested for authenticity in the most cost-effective method possible.


Certificate of Incorporation

A certificate of incorporation is a legal document that clearly talks about how a corporation or a company is formed. Basically, this document is a license that is issued by the state government to form a corporation. It is essentially the “birth certificate” of your company.

The certificate of incorporation should include the name of the company, the date it was incorporated, as well as the company’s registered number. Details such as the type of company and the registered office address must also be included. Because this document holds valuable information about your company, it is often required when you are seeking to open up a bank account. This document is proof that the company has been set up following the correct procedures, and that it is legitimate. It is evidence that the company is a legal entity that is listed on the public register of companies. Not only do you have to comply with the strict rules of the bank, but you should also have these documents attested for full authenticity and to avoid suspicions like money laundering and falsification of documents. Along with the memorandum and articles of association, the certificate of incorporation will serve as your company’s identification.


Analysis Reports of Products

There are a myriad of different products that consumers use every single day. With all of these consumer goods, it is imperative for companies to be able to provide in-depth analyses of their products to prove their manufacturing legitimacy.

A product analysis report may be needed by a customer to help a potential buyer with his or her purchasing decision. It may also be required internally in the company to check and see if a particular product needs improvement. Prototypes need to be analysed for further developments, or perhaps to reduce manufacturing costs. Certain criteria are then analysed systematically in order to come to a conclusion. These factors may include issues on safety, questions on ergonomics and product efficiency, comfort and functionality, form vs. function, aesthetics, supply and construction methods, client requirements, colour and texture, and so on. Moreover, products may be analysed to gauge their overall impact in the environment, as more and more organizations are calling for a more environmentally responsible consumerism. Is the product manufactured from materials that come from sustainable supply sources? What is the overall environmental impact of the product waste? Can it be recycled after use? All these and more require commercial document attestation, and Afreno can help with every phase.


Packaging List
Commercial Document Attestation

A packaging list is prepared meticulously by a particular seller in order to indicate the net and gross weights of certain shipping pieces. This commercial document contains dimensions and contents of all of the boxes, bundles, or crates within a certain shipment. A well-prepared packing list also includes references of the shipment, as well as the line item totals in relation to the appropriate commercial invoice.

A packaging list is especially important when a shipment contains more than one item. Having a complete packing list helps identify lost cargo when it comes to insurance claims and carrier claims. It also aids in providing an accurate account of the shipment for the buyer to unpack and stock. The shipped goods are normally inspected by specific government authorities and customs departments, and a packing list is always required for that. The list may even go as far as indentifying each part and component of a machine. With Afreno’s expertise in the field, you can submit authenticated packaging lists and proceed with your business without a hitch.


Commercial Document Attestation

Another important commercial document, the invoice clearly itemizes and provides a complete record of a business transaction between a buyer and a seller, including the terms of payment and the available methods of sealing the deal. This may be in the form of a sales invoice, a receipt, a debit note, or a bill of sale. Sometimes, some companies may provide a single statement of the invoice at the end of each month, often with multiple copies and with the inclusion of outstanding transactions.

Regardless of a company’s preferred method of invoicing, this particular commercial document is crucial when it comes to running business transactions between involved parties smoothly. Afreno takes pride in its numerous dealings with the necessary government bodies to provide expert business consultancy services regarding attestation of invoices, no matter how it may be requested from you. Complying with the rules of commercial document attestation ensures more stress-free business dealings in the future.


Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI)

With its vision of a “diversified economic landscape and self-reliant private sector within a competitive business environment”, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) oversees and protects not only consumer rights but also the responsibilities of the business community. It aims to further expand private sector partnerships for a more sustainable economic growth in the future, using diversified investments and monitoring of markets all within the landscape of a stable and healthy business environment.

Most if not all of your commercial documents will involve the MOCI as it strives to uphold service excellence, innovation, friendly competition, partner collaboration, transparency, proper trade professions, best practices for the investment sector, and an entrepreneurial mindset within the business landscape of Qatar. As the Ministry oversees commercial and industrial activities for the state, it is therefore imperative that you comply with the requirements of commercial document attestation. For that and more, Afreno has you covered.