Certificates Attestation

With most of the business documents in Qatar, parties involved (you, your employees, your partners, your stakeholders, and the like) are required to submit authenticated certificate attestations that must be validated by apostille. This method ensures that documents from a foreign country are internationally recognized and verified in order to be accepted in Qatar. Samples of these would be personal identification documents, namely, IDs, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, fingerprint certificates, police clearances, death certificates, and even papers related to businesses like income statements, financial reports, letters of authorization, and even legal last wills and testaments. Moreover, any kind of educational documentation such as qualifications, degrees, diplomas, and the like must also be authenticated properly, and by a body or institution that you can fully trust.

Afreno provides prompt and reliable services for all that and more, letting you proceed with all of your professional endeavours in the country efficiently, cost-effectively, and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have my documents authenticated?

As you will likely discover upon entry into the country, certificate attestation is compulsory for a myriad of purposes like employment, career enhancement, business expansion, establishing institutions, higher studies, employment, etc.

Who is required to submit certificate attestations?

All individuals are required to submit certificate attestations, whether for educational or non-educational documents to prove the validity and legitimacy of the document.

I am already enrolled in an institution. Do I still need apostille?

If you are currently enrolled in an educational institution, you will have to show a bonafide certificate attesting to your enrolment. This ensures no bumps further down the road.

I am already hired in my company. Do I still need apostille?

If you are currently in a job position, you will have to provide verified proof stating the same. For instance, prospective employees need to supply the Police Clearance Certificate as well as a Fingerprints Certificate.


I am simply pursuing higher education. Do I still need apostille?

For higher education, you need education certificate attestation from the HRD department from the embassy in your home country.


Aside from studies and employment, what else requires certificate attestations?

You need to have the authenticity of your documents verified for starting a new business or even simply opening a new branch abroad.


I need to acquire a family or residence visa. How can I get my documents verified?

For family or residence visa, you can rely on Afreno’s extensive background, years of experience, and network of connections to facilitate your attestation.

It should be easy enough to acquire an attested police clearance even if I’m not sure about my purposes yet, right?

In issuing a police clearance certificate in Qatar, it must be clearly stated why you need it. It is mandatory to indicate whether it is for travelling abroad, employment, marriage, commercial uses, etc.


What good will attestation do?

Having your legal documents attested will ensure that you do not encounter any legal consequences in all of your business dealings and professional liaisons in Qatar.


What kind of certificate attestations does Afreno provide?

We offer our services for ALL kinds of certificate attestations as your one-stop-shop for all your consultancy and translation needs as well.


Birth Certificate Attestations

Birth certificates are one of the most important documents you must secure as you go about your dealings in the real world, whether for professional or for personal purposes. In Qatar, you need to have your birth certificates authenticated to verify the validity of these documents. If you are applying for a job or you wish to secure various business permits in establishing new endeavors and institutions in the country, you need to have your personal identity verified, hence the attestation of your birth certificates. Procedures for birth certificate attestations in Qatar include Attestation of Notary Public from your originating country as well as a Foreign Affairs attestation. You will also need an Embassy Attestation and a Passport Copy of the Certificate holder, including other requirements from the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs in Qatar. Afreno can efficiently help you facilitate these certificate attestations to ensure a smooth-sailing apostille experience for you.


Death Certificate Attestations

Just like a birth certificate, a death certificate is a crucial piece of documentation for a wide variety of purposes in life. This is an official document that is issued by the government, and it is a declaration of a person’s cause of death, time of death, location of death, and other pertinent information about the deceased. For legal purposes, a death certificate is necessary for claiming life insurance, managing pension benefits, getting married (for widows and widowers), settling various estates, or handling a person’s funeral. This can also be used in police investigations when there are doubts of foul play, or by public health officials conducting statistical analysis of causes of death in a given field. Aside from the signature of a physician, documents required for death certificate attestations include the original death certificate, the passport of the certificate holder, and may even include power of attorney, degrees, or other documentation. With Afreno’s expertise in the matter, you can rest assured that these certificates are attested in the proper way through the best channels available.


Marriage Certificate Attestations

Muslim and non-Muslin marriages alike require duly attested marriage certificates. For non-Muslim marriages, these must be officially recognized by the State of Qatar as Christian marriages that are performed by registered churches. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs determines the registered churches and the registered clergy that are recognized to perform non-Muslim marriages. The Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, or Coptic churches of Qatar must arrange a marriage ceremony and issue a marriage certificate afterward. A copy of this marriage certificate must be translated into Arabic. The translator must be recognized by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI). Apart from the certificate attestations, Afreno can also provide expert assistance in that area. Keep in mind that the marriage certificate and Arabic translation must both be registered at the Office of Land Registration and Legalization at the Ministry of Justice office. Only with the Ministry’s stamp can this be considered officially registered with a registration number.


Salary Certificate Attestations

Upon the request of an employee, he or she may have an office head issue a salary certificate or an income certificate in his or her name. This type of official document can be used when applying for a salary loan, a bank loan, or whatnot, and has a specific validity of usually a year or less. In the salary certificate, you can see an employee’s basic salary, deductions, allowances, net salary, and other necessary data. In order for this document to be validated, it must be attested by the necessary institutions. This involves the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy, and so on. While it might seem tedious and intimidating to have your salary certificate attested by the proper channels, Afreno can help facilitate the procedure efficiently and cost-effectively so that you won’t have to worry about delayed bank loans and missed deadlines regarding your documentation.


Police Clearance Certificate Attestations

When you think about migrating to your dream country and living your prosperous life as fruitfully as you can, it can be daunting to think about the various necessary documents and procedures you need to go through to make your dream a reality. One of the requirements in acquiring a visa is the Police Clearance Certificate, which is a mandatory piece of documentation for the completion of your migration process. A Police Clearance Certificate in Qatar or Qatar Good Standing Certificate is issued by the police department that states the details of the criminal records of the applicant, if any. These criminal records will also indicate the conviction, arrest, and court proceedings if any.

In order to obtain a Qatar Police Clearance Certificate., you will need old and new copies of your passport, a copy of your visa or Qatar ID, first entry and last exit dates to Qatar, an authorization letter, and your purpose for applying for a Qatar Police Clearance Certificate. Afreno offers expert and extremely reliable assistance when it comes to facilitating these certificates and attesting them for complete authentication. Not only are your documents in good hands, you can also rest assured that the procedures will be done with the utmost trust and professionalism.


Diploma | Degree | PHD

Diploma Certificate Attestations is the authentication of the validity of your diploma or your degree. You will need to provide the original degree certificate, the list of your final marks, your passport copy, and a bonafide letter from your university or your college. This document requires a strong liaison between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy, and it is not something that can be taken lightly as failure to submit a properly authenticated document can result in the unwanted delays of your other documentation procedures. Having your degree or your diploma attested is required for many purposes; these include validity of your higher education, for employment purposes, for advancing your career, and so much more. Afreno not only assists you with the various requirements needed for attesting your diploma certificate, but we also ensure you of the most up-to-date and reliable consultancy and information based on our first-hand experience and our solid relationships with the various institutions involved.


Bonafide Certificate Attestations

When it comes to attesting a professional or an educational certificate, things aren’t as easy as they might seem. Strict policies are in place and are implemented by the State of Qatar for the applicant to supply a bonafide letter, which is mandatory. This important document must be duly attested by a strong affiliate and partner along with an authorized government institution. These strict guidelines only serve to guarantee that all documents submitted by job applicants are genuine. With a bonafide certificate, it must indicate that you were truly a regular student of a particular institution. The certificate attestations ensures that the certificate is genuine. It should include the name of the university or educational institution (whether government or private), the accreditation of the entity at that time, the student’s mode of course (whether he or she was regular or correspondent), the duration of the course, and the year of admission as well as the year of passing.

The course certificate and the final mark list must be submitted along with a bonafide letter in order to proceed with attestation. Government departments such as the State Home Ministry, notary attestation, Central Home Ministry, Qatar Embassy, and the External Affairs Ministry and Qatar Embassy are involved. Despite the seemingly complicated process of attesting bonafide certificates for diploma certificate authentication, Afreno knows the ins and outs of the whole procedure in order to ensure that your documents are processed as swiftly as possible.


Fingerprints Certificate Attestations

For all individuals who are on personal, employer, or government sponsorship, the Criminal Evidences and Information Department (CEID) must process fingerprints legally under the Ministry of Interior (MOI). This kind of fingerprinting procedure is to ensure the accessibility and security needed for a more organized public identity system. In order to verify the identity of an individual, fingerprinting must be conducted. In Qatar, fingerprinting procedures are a pre-requisite for a residence permit, as well as for various family members who wish to extend their visit in the country. Because fingerprinting certificates are crucial in determining a person’s genuine identity, having fingerprints authenticated is an absolute must. It is a requirement in many documentation processes, be it for legal, professional, or even personal applications. Afreno guarantees a hassle-free authentication experience for anyone looking to have their fingerprinting certificates attested promptly and efficiently. Our ever-reliable government liaisons and solid relationships with various enterprises allow us to work cost-effectively for the ultimate customer satisfaction.


Registration Certificate Attestations

For anyone who is planning to start and launch a business in Qatar, the whole legal process may seem long, arduous, and confusing. Anyone can easily get frustrated with the myriad of requirements that the state demands. All paperwork must be properly filed and authenticated, from the biggest financial documents down to the most basic registration. This includes registrations not only for businesses, trade names, licenses, and the like, but also for professional practice licenses, vehicles, and so on. Having all of these assets registered only ensures a smoother process for all future dealings. That said, registration certificates must also be attested in order to confirm their validity. Afreno wastes no time in pooling our expertise together to help you with the verification of those registration certificates so that all you need to worry about is getting your business up and running in the least amount of time as possible.