Why Online Presence Is a Must for Every Entrepreneur?

Why Online Presence Is a Must for Every Entrepreneur?

In a recent article published by The Peninsula Qatar, New Waves Qatar Founder and CEO Ahmed M Hassanit said that business in the country should start establishing a strong online presence to avoid losing precious opportunities.

Competition is tough and almost every day, a new form of business is being introduced in the Arab Peninsula. Without proper marketing and advertisement, your company will slowly fade into the limelight with each and every entrepreneur trying to take their own slice of the market.

Here are 4 reasons why every entrepreneur in Qatar should start building a strong online presence.

1. It gives your business a proper voice and image
Branding is what differentiates you from competitors. Regardless of trade and industry, it is important to create a brand that is exclusive only to your company. Keep in mind that your brand reflects your company’s voice, image, principles, and objectives.
To help you stand out from the crowd, use the wonders of modern technology to give your business a unique voice and strong identity. Utilize social networking platforms, create a website, and market online.

2. It helps you reach a wider audience
The problem with most businesses in Qatar is that competition is just about everywhere. There are many companies offering the same kind of products and services. But if you have a strong online presence, it will help you attract more customers without you even leaving the office.

Building a website for example makes your business very fluid. It allows you to do business even if your physical shop or office is closed, people can view your products and services by simply browsing your website, it can reach far-flung customers, and many more.

3. It increases your credibility and customer trust
Nowadays, Qatari nationals and foreigners living in the area are very keen when it comes to buying products or hiring services online. Most will read reviews and look for positive feedbacks or negative comments. And this is yet another great advantage of building a strong online presence – it allows you to increase credibility and gain solid customer trust.

You can use Facebook to encourage customers to rate your products or services, post customer reviews on your Instagram, and showcase positive feedbacks on your website. On the other hand, instant communication apps allows you to resolve customer issues quick and easy.

4. It serves as an affordable and efficient marketing tool
Marketing your business doesn’t come cheap, depending on strategy, advertisements can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Yet if you will use well-established online media platforms, you will only spend couple of dollars or even nothing to promote your business.

However, building a website or using SEO for blogs and contents requires technical skills for it to be effective. Luckily, there are local business consultancy companies in Qatar that can help you build a solid online presence for the betterment of your business.

True to its form, with tons of businesses popping nowadays, every company – big or small, should start thinking about their online presence. After all, having a strong online presence allows you to facilitate growth, foster expansion, and ultimately reach success that every entrepreneur dreams of.

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