What is the National Health Strategy?

What is the National Health Strategy?

The National Health Strategy 2018-2022 details the development of the health system of the country that focuses not only on medical well-being, but also on treating illnesses for the future of all communities. According to the UN Agenda for Development, “Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.” The World Health Organization also employs the Universal Health Coverage concept, stating that “all people and communities can use the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services they need, at sufficient quality to be effective.” As such, it is imperative for the State of Qatar to be able to keep up with these health initiatives in the context of the ever-growing mobile workforce, the constantly changing demographics of society, and various political fluctuations in the region. This entails critical economic shifts that must contribute to the overall improvement of health services in the country.

The strategic framework for the National Health Strategy 2018–2022 aims to address various challenges that have been encountered through the years. Its objective is to elevate the improved health of the whole Qatari population today and for future generations. In order to achieve “better health, better care, and better value” for all citizens, every sector must commit significant time and resources and must work with partnerships across the board, including private businesses, healthcare organizations, public agencies, government institutions, civil society, education establishments, and the media.

For instance, the Population Health Approach commits to addressing the population’s health needs as a group, taking into careful consideration the geography, gender, age, and employment status of every individual as well. There will also be an integrated system of healthcare that empowers patients to be responsible and to take part in maintaining the advancement of their own health. This can be done via timely and easy access to all kinds of medical records and information for the betterment of every patient. Primary care teams will be able to deliver personalized care in the appropriate setting, with expanded specialized services for the convenience of the whole community.

Patients must be able to feel that they are given priority across all healthcare providers, and that every institution values their overall well-being. There must be a culture of safe, efficient, and prompt health care that optimizes medical technologies and accessibility in this digital age, ensuring a healthy country from consultation to treatment to after-discharge home care.

All of these and more are initiatives of the Ministry of Public Health, and regardless of your official business in Qatar—whether you aim to establish new commercial activities or you wish to pursue further studies or advance your career here—you will need a trusted business consultancy partner to help you liaise with the ministry in terms of permits, paperwork, document requirements, and so on.

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