What is the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs?

What is the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs?

When the decree law No 11 for 1969 on the establishment of a foreign affairs department was issued in 1969, it began the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ legacy to highlight the State of Qatar and protect its interests abroad, including its values and policies. With its role of proposing foreign policy plans and implementing them in close coordination with other relevant government bodies, the MOFA is able to organize the diplomatic and consular representation of the State with Arab countries and the rest of the world.

The MOFA is also in charge of establishing various contacts and conducting insightful talks with Qatari ministries and authorities, as well as with foreign governments and their diplomatic missions. With its vision of having a distinguished foreign policy for the best interests of Qatari citizens both locally and abroad, the MOFA can successfully adopt well-established policies that help with the overall strategic interests of the State.

What are the main objectives of the MOFA? Not only does it aim to enhance the international cooperation with all organizations and countries the world over, it also keeps a laser focus on achieving overall world peace one day. It consolidates the bilateral and multilateral relations of Qatar, proposes draft laws and disseminates information and the necessary communications to help conclude treaties and various agreements in accordance to State cultural values, and even contributes to the development efforts of various industries in different fields.

As an individual who wishes to work in Qatar or establish a business in the country, you will need trusted liaisons with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for official visas, business visas, GCC residents visit visas, entry visas for companions of GCC Nationals, transit visas, joint tourist visas, and so much more. The Consular Affairs Department can also assist you with a wide range of legalization services for documents and required paperwork via the Legalization Section at the Administration Building.

On a more personal level for all visitors, the MOFA can help you with various concerns when you travel. For instance, the MOFA advises all travellers to make sure that their passports or identity cards are valid and effective. Guidelines also include having to obtain visas and entry visas in advance, and duly complying with various laws and regulations of any host country, as the MOFA wants to ensure protection not just for Qataris within the country but also for those abroad. All official documents such as passports and airline tickets must be kept in secure locations or carried with you at all times to avoid any untoward issues.

In dealing with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it helps to have a trusted business consultancy partner who can take pride in years of solid relationships and strong liaisons with the relevant government authorities for your benefit.

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