What is the Customs Clearance Single Window ‘Al-Nadeeb’ in Qatar?

What is the Customs Clearance Single Window ‘Al-Nadeeb’ in Qatar?

To make things easier for users everywhere, the General Authority of Customs offers online services via the Customs Clearance Single Window “Al-Nadeeb”.

Because all kinds of goods that cross the border in Qatar should be checked at customs clearance and control, an official manifest must be presented by shipping agents at the border point as mandated by law. For importers and clearing agents, information may be readily accessed on tariffs online, as well as duty calculation.

Simply register online and log in with your account details. Users may include importers and exporters as well as approved trade brokers, with services like making duty payments and accessing customs records and other data online. The service also allows users to complete any customs paperwork, view and modify their company details, and complete any customs declarations and manifests.

To register for a Customs Clearance Single Window log in, simply fill out the application form that you can download online. Attach all of the necessary documents such as your Authorized Signatory ID copy, Commercial Registration copy, Administrative Supervisor ID copy, Establishment ID copy, Commercial License copy, and Customs Clearance License copy.

Along with the application, you should also attach any pertinent paperwork and submit them to the General Authority of Customs. You will then receive a customs code. Afterward, you can log in to the Al Nadeeb website using your Smart Card. You may also use your Username on the Hukoomi portal.

This automated system aims to provide the country with efficient, reliable, and trustworthy services for customs solutions, which will also offer better communication opportunities throughout the entire trade sector. The web-based service simplifies a myriad of procedures for the convenience of all users, reducing time wasted on clearances and inspection rates for more efficiency of productivity. This will facilitate trade, which in turn will promote better economic growth.

No longer will there be laborious 100% physical inspections and unpleasant delays at border crossings and ports. The Customs Clearance Single Window will consolidate and facilitate everything. For more information, you may also find user guides in the website for the following:

  • Merchant user manual
  • Shipping line and shipping agent user guide
  • Customs broker’s guide to seized goods
  • Customs broker’s guide to the customs warehouse
  • Customs broker’s guide to financial claims
  • Customs broker’s guide to Qatar Post integration
  • Freight forwarder’s guide to integration with Qatar Post
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