What is the best program in the QSTP for you?

What is the best program in the QSTP for you?

The Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) is home to groundbreaking trendsetters in technological advancement for both start-ups and conglomerates alike. There are many programs that you can choose from, depending on your specific needs and your overall goals.

The QSTP XLR8 is an intensive two-month program specifically designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs with mentorship and training to provide them with more clarity as to the commercial potential of a certain idea. Via sample prototypes, you can check to see if your idea can make it through each stage until it becomes a validated minimum viable product. The three core modules are Product-Market Fit (where you identify potential customers and solicit feedback from a rough prototype), Customer Traction (where you capture the market interest from potential clients), and Investor Awareness (where you learn how to attract investors for your goods).

The MENA Dojo is an exclusive international accelerator program held within a six-week period. This provides an intensive one-on-one training and mentoring session for a limited number of tech start-ups that are now trying to scale up after raising funding from investors. This helps optimise traffic generation for your business by helping you with customer acquisition, distribution, growth hacking, referral marketing, content marketing, retargeting, and pitching to various investors.

The Research to Startup Program (RTS) helps you with the creation, acceleration and scaling of your business. This program supports entrepreneurs and researchers by driving innovation and encouraging novel technological ideas to enter the marketplace. It is designated to create spinouts, and aims to recruit experienced entrepreneurs and match them properly with a vast pool of researchers with high-potential Qatar-made technologies.

The Incubation service of the QSTP, on the other hand, helps start-ups gain access to a wide network of mentors, training funding programs, and prototyping facilities. With an incubation period of a whole year, the program hopes to help participants develop a service or a product, raise some funds, and acquire early clients and customers. Furthermore, because the QSTP is a Free Zone, participants can enjoy quick incorporation in the QSTP free zone, 12 months of 100% subsidized co-working space, easy access to QSTP funding programs, workshops and networking events, and subsidized business support services as well.

With all of these programs you can participate in and so much more, it’s easy to get your foot in the door when it comes to establishing your business in Qatar. As such, not only can a trusted professional business consulting agency help you with all of the requirements and documentation, but they can also provide you with proper guidance so that you can set up your company as stress-free and hassle-free as possible.

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Afreno is a Business Consultancy that draws on its long presence, over 10 years in fact, in the field of forming companies, while capitalizing on its impressive know-how at both local and international levels. This endeavor also extends to developing local partnerships and offering excellent opportunities in real estate.

Unlike any other Business Consultancy company in the State of Qatar, Afreno includes under its umbrella three closely-linked comprehensive services: business advice, legal negotiation and real estate possibilities. This means that any project, however complex, can be dealt with in all its aspects. Added to this is our wide range of reliable clients and trusted business contacts, plus our up to the minute awareness of what is going on in the markets, whether GCC or local. Your business venture will be backed by our in-depth knowledge, the valuable connections we have built over time, and our solid reputation, ensuring that you succeed quickly, whatever enterprise you are involved in. All this will be achieved with the minimum of stress; unsurprisingly Afreno has become the point of reference for anyone wishing to incorporate or grow their business in the local market.

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