What is Government Resource Planning System “Mawared” in Qatar?

What is Government Resource Planning System “Mawared” in Qatar?

What is Mawared? As part of the strategic plan of the Integrated Government (i-Gov) Program, the Government Resource Planning System “Mawared” in Qatar has the crucial role of improving the interaction of government entities and enhancing how government resources are managed. It is one of the most highly efficient Human Capital Managnt (HCM) solutions that will enable various branches of government to help the workforce reach its full potential. It will also further boost the empowerment of HR services across the country.

In order to help facilitate government services and in taking action for the people, Mawared employs only the most up-to-date information technologies and systems as well as a central database for state employees. This vital piece of technology allows all stakeholders to benefit from government services, as well as make use of a uniform data structure that provides consistent updates on all matters.

The system also allows various government bodies to maximize the talents of the right kind of workforce. This ensures that qualified employees are supported, with their talents developed, leveraged, and retained as top performers in their field. HR processes are also automated in this system as well as talent management and other important aspects of HR such as payroll and time management.

According to the Hukoomi portal, Mawared also provides the following services:

  • “Analyzing related to planning, monitoring, and measurement.
  • The overall operations that help make informed decisions in a quick and effective ways.
  • Linking the costs of training and employment business results.
  • Re-using data to improve HR processes.
  • Transparency in the performance of human resources.”

When it comes to Workforce Analytics, the system can help to improve upon systems already in place regarding human resource management and department efficiency. It can also assist in Talent Management so that the best and most top-rated candidates for the job can be better partnered with the right companies along with proper alignment with organizational goals. It also supports the entire recruitment process from end to end, effectively reducing the time it takes to hire proper personnel.

In line with this, when the workforce is aligned with company goals and trained properly in their field of expertise, this will help to further strengthen long-term relationships and reduce turnover. It will also inevitably increase employee satisfaction with their job.

Employees will also be empowered enough to access their own data through online portals. This type of automated system for human resources enables a quicker process for both employers and employees, leading to prompt resolutions to issues in the workplace as well as faster decision-making processes when it comes to analysis of statistical reports. Overall, the time it takes to hire and get employees on-board is significantly reduced, boosting the efficiency of operations on a day-to-day basis.

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