What are the two zones in the Qatar Free Zones?

What are the two zones in the Qatar Free Zones?

With Qatar continuously becoming one of the most lucrative places to establish a business in the world, more and more savvy business owners are bringing attractive foreign investments into the State. One of the most sound strategies for entrepreneurs to take is to establish a business or a foreign branch in the Qatar Free Zones, not only because of the tax exemptions offered to businesses here, but also because these are the economic zones with the highest untapped potential.

In any other part of Qatar, incorporation will require you to have a local partner who will hold 51% of the company share. In the free zones, you can enjoy 100% foreign ownership, the absence of currency restrictions, 100% corporate and personal income tax exemption, as well as 100% repatriation of capital and profits. Top it all off with state-of-the-art facilities and communications hubs as well as top-of-the-line support services, and there’s truly no better place to establish your company.

As governed by the Qatar Free Zones Authority (FZA), the zones have limitless benefits only for those who file and submit their paperwork appropriately. With operating licenses, permits, and other regulatory affairs, it’s best for you to find a reliable business consultancy partner to help you navigate through all of the document requirements, translations, attestations, and the like when you establish your business in the free zones.

With the positive economic ecosystem, quality infrastructure, impressive office facilities, world-class transports systems, and skilled foreign workforce availability in the free zones, choosing where to set up your company is easy. Both zones foster rapid economic growth and encourage industry diversification.

The Ras Bufontas (Airport Free Zone) has a strategic location just 6 km away from the Hamad International Airport (Middle East’s “Best Airport of the Year”). Boasting of unparalleled freight and passenger operations efficiency, the HIA together with the Ras Bufontas zone can help skyrocket your business to unimaginable heights. The fully serviced plots allow for optimal cluster growth as well as dedicated facilities and infrastructure that is tailor-made for each specific industry. You can opt to build your own facilities, or let QFZA build them for you. Residents and employees can also enjoy health clinics, housing accommodation, bus routes, retail stores, mosques, and even a metro system for complete ease and convenience. Recommended industries include consumer products, logistics, pharmaceuticals, light manufacturing, services, and technology and applications.

The Um Alhoul (Port Free Zone), on the other hand, is strategically located near the Hamad Port to fully benefit from the comings and goings of the import and export industry. Your global supply chain will certainly thrive as the port captures 27% of trade in the GCC region, giving you access to sea freight and shipping routes with ease. You can also take advantage of Marsa (Arabic for “anchor”), the new marine cluster located within Um Alhoul. This maritime industry and leisure ecosystem is ideal for maritime industries as a logistics hub. Recommended industries in this zone include heavy manufacturing, emerging technologies, and industrial sectors.

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