What are the 7 Priority Populations of the NHS?

What are the 7 Priority Populations of the NHS?

The National Health Strategy of Qatar has 7 Priority Populations. These have been selected accordingly based on the existing health needs and the demographics of the Qatari people, effectively representing the experiences, major events, and life course of an individual. Vulnerability, significance to future society, life journey, and service demand are also taken into consideration.

Healthy Children and Adolescents

The National Health Strategy 2018-2022 has a lofty and admirable goal of enhancing the overall quality of life of children. The government must be able to empower parents, caregivers, and teachers to mould these young minds and to allow them to learn and to play in order to have a happier childhood, which, in turn, contributes to a stronger future population for Qatar. Children and adolescents refer to those between 0 and 18 years of age, and providing a healthy and safe environment for them to grow up in is crucial to ensuring a bigger, better, and brighter future for the nation. By 2022, there must be a “25% increase in the proportion of adolescents who meet recommended levels of physical activity” among other targets.

Healthy Women Leading to Healthy Pregnancies

In line with making sure that children are allowed to grow up to be healthy and upstanding citizens of the country, the women of Qatar must also be informed and empowered to lead healthier lives as well. The government must be able to offer high quality maternal care that will assist them in taking care of themselves and their children. Because healthy women undeniably lead to healthy pregnancies, it is imperative that these would-be mothers be nurtured in order to pave the way for a healthier society in the generations to come. By 2022, there must be a “10% improvement in score using a measurement tool for assessing healthy women and healthy pregnancies.”

Healthy and Safe Employees

Of course, having a healthy workforce constitutes to a productive economy that will be able to take care of family life in and out of the household. The government must be able to care for the wellbeing of the workforce via health-based programs that safeguard and protect employee safety and security both in and out of the workplace. By 2022, “80% of government and semi-government employees will have access to an occupational health-based workplace wellness program.”

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Often neglected yet extremely important, the mental health of every individual Qatari is a major component of the overall wellbeing of a person in order for him or her to contribute to society. The government must be able to dispel the stigma surrounding mental health issues and improve overall access to mental health services. This should encourage individuals to seek help whenever they need it with dignity, safety, and care. By 2022, there must be “improved access to mental health services, with 20% of care being delivered in the primary and community sector by 2020.”

Improved Health for People with Multiple Chronic Diseases

There must be accessible services for individuals suffering through chronic diseases that hinder them from functioning productively in society. The government must be able to empower them to live dignified and independent lives free from disease and suffering.

Health and Wellbeing for People with Special Needs

As such, the same is true for individuals suffering from special cases and needs. The government must be able to empower them as well and to educate others surrounding them about the various aspects of dealing with special cases with respect and care.

Healthy Aging

Finally, elderly members of the society must still be able to live their lives happily, healthily, and fulfilled, with dignity and security for the rest of their days. Knowing all of these initiatives of the NHS will allow you to see how much the Ministry of Public Health impacts all kinds of business dealings in the country, whether you need access to medical records, need to apply for medical permits, or need to submit medical certificates from employees. Having a trusted business consultancy partner to help you with attestation, translation, and complete submissions in liaison with the government will make all processes convenient and hassle-free.

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