What are the 5 System-Wide Priorities of the NHS?

What are the 5 System-Wide Priorities of the NHS?

The National Health System has 5 System-Wide Priorities. These affect the whole health system of Qatar under strict and efficient governance in order to help promote the prevention of sicknesses and the protection of citizens from public health hazards as well. Under strong leadership and with effective policies, high quality healthcare can be 100% implemented through integrated models that work hand-in-hand with interconnected government and non-government institutions to promote overall good health in the country.

Integrated model of high-quality care and service delivery

The first system-wide priority focuses on an integrated model that provides a seamless and easily navigated system of healthcare for the patient. From the management of health services to the efficient delivery of both preventive and curative solutions, the system must be smooth and hassle-free in order to address the needs of the patient promptly and efficiently. Best practices must be implemented at all times to help eliminate fragmented care and lack of standardization in the country especially when transitioning between different levels of organizations. Now and in all the years to come, the system must be cohesive enough to allow the patients to be more empowered when it comes to taking action for their own healthcare. In general, the country aims to have a ​5% reduction of “overall amenable cause specific mortality” as well as a “​15% reduction of preventable hospital admissions for primary care sensitive conditions”.

Enhanced health promotion and disease prevention

As mentioned, the second system-wide priority must empower patients to take responsibility for their own healthcare, keeping the population of Qatar healthy, productive, and with a longer life span. Citizens must be more aware about disease prevention methods, as well as health protection practices that can be done even at home. By 2022, there must be a “​15% reduction in premature mortality from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases” overall.

Enhanced health protection

Health protection means being able to shield against potential risks and threats so that Qatar can continue to be a safe place to visit and live in. This responsive process is dynamic in the sense that it constantly adapts to growing working conditions in the community to ensure a healthy living experience for everyone. This includes initiatives that prevent the transmission of communicable diseases and epidemics, as well as making sure that the quality of food, water, and air is safe.

Health in all policies

In order to build a more sustainable future, government decisions must always take into consideration the public health of all citizens. This inter-sectoral approach to collaboration ensures that all decision-making processes provide a win-win situation when it comes to social protection regardless of the government institution or initiative.

Effective system of governance and leadership

To guarantee that all of these health initiatives are efficiently implemented, there must be a solid leadership strategy in place with a good system direction that will be able to address the modern needs of the evolving Qatari people. Not only should all initiatives be implemented flawlessly by the Ministry of Public Health, but all requirements for anyone wishing to do business or pursue further studies in Qatar must be submitted correctly and on time to raise overall efficiency no matter what the industry.

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