Types of Visas in Qatar

Types of Visas in Qatar

Acquiring a visa in Qatar is easy and hassle-free. Depending on your official purpose in Qatar, there are different kinds of visas you can apply for, with a variety of different requirements for each.

If you are a businessman from countries like Ireland, Greece, Finland, United States, Britain, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Canada Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong among others, you may be granted a direct entry visa. You can acquire this visa even without having obtained a previous visa at the borders. To acquire this business visa, your company or your recognized commercial establishment must submit a duly completed application to the Immigration Department. Once approved, this visa is valid for two weeks, which can also be renewed for an extended two more weeks.

The Family Visa can be obtained for employees in the State who wish to bring in their families with them, or in order to renew the family members’ residence visas. If the family members wish to visit those living in Qatar for a short-term duration, Visas for Family Visits can be issued. If the duration of the stay will exceed one month, a medical test is required before the one-month period ends. This visa can then be renewable for five months if the person is an immediate family member such as fathers, mothers, sisters, and sons. If the visitor is a different relative, the visa is renewable for two months.

Multiple Entry Visas must have an approval from a specialized authority, while government establishments and ministries can request for free visas under an “Official Visa” for a period of one month. A Work Visa is duly issued to private entities, individual sponsorships, and corporations, and these need to have approval from the Ministry of Interior.

For newborn babies less than 3 months old, Newborn Visas are issued on arrival at the Qatar border provided that the parent can present the original birth certificate of the baby. The parents of the baby should also have valid residency visas wherein the mother is sponsored by the child’s father.

In case of a lost passport, a Return Permit is issued to individuals with personal sponsorships and company sponsorships. There must be an official letter from the sponsor, and is valid for 14 days.

Residents of GCC states can acquire a GCC Residents Visit Visa within a 14-day stay, renewable for another 14 days. If the resident of Qatar has drivers or servants, they can be issued Companions of GCC National Visa that is valid for a period of one month. This can be renewable for five months.

With all of the varying types of visas in Qatar, it helps to have a trusted and professional business consultancy partner in Qatar to provide you with top-notch, prompt, and efficient assistance to make sure that all of your required documents are submitted properly and on time to prevent any issues along the way.

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