The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME)

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME)

What is the role of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME)? The MME aims to elevate the state of living of the general public in the State of Qatar with its vast subsidiary departments, municipalities, and centers that contribute to the overall development of the economy. In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, the MME places a great focus on the pillars of economic and environmental development in the country.

When it comes to Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, the Ministry takes responsibility for preparing urban plans and providing dedicated supervision regarding the implementation of these projects. In tight coordination with other departments in the government, the MME also conducts land surveying and the preparation of cadastral maps. It oversees the management of State properties, as well as reviews Central Municipal Council’s recommendations regarding land expropriation and temporary land acquisition. Moreover, the Ministry appropriates the allocation of lands for government use, always with the public interest in mind.

For public cleansing and beatification, the MME reviews, recommends, and implements municipal projects which include gardens, parks, and landscaping plantations. This initiative also includes monitoring the construction of buildings and controlling the supervision of engineering professions among others.

It is also within the objectives of the Ministry to be at the forefront of environmental protection. It is extremely important—especially in the world today—to maintain the organic balance of nature through projects on sustainable development and comprehensive programs that aim to develop wildlife initiatives for the future generation. Environmental protection is of the utmost importance, especially as we move toward a more globally connected future. The implementation of laws and proper solutions to environmental problems must be coupled with proper public awareness on the issues that plague Mother Nature as well, and this involves both government bodies and non-government organizations locally and internationally.

For instance, inspectors from the Health Control Department of the Ministry may seize and destroy publicly harmful produce such as rotten fish from Al Wakrah fish market or elsewhere. It also participates in sustainability summits. Just recently, the Information Systems Department along with the Building Permits Complex successfully launched a unified e-inspection system that will help facilitate and organize building licences in the country. This new system aims to replace manual procedures and paperwork for a higher rate of productivity and efficiency.

The system will also give a big boost to the quality and accuracy of the inspections using a tablet that is connected to mobile Internet. The system also supports both Arabic and English, and can provide instant easy access to all related maps, photographs, information, and related reports.

No matter what your official business may be in Qatar, you will need to rely on a trusted business consultancy partner with strong and reliable liaisons with the MME to help facilitate all submissions, paperwork requirements, applications, approvals, and documents that you will need.

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