The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

What is the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)? According to Law No. (39) Of 2005, the Ministry serves to introduce Qatar to the world. It disseminates vital pieces of information about the cultural values, policies, and interests of the State globally, as well as protects the interests of the country and its citizens abroad.

The Ministry is tasked to plan for and implement the foreign policy of the country in strong coordination with the necessary bodies of authority in the State, along with organizing diplomatic and consular representation with both international and regional organizations. This includes the relevant discussions, agreements, communications, treaties, and other forms of arrangements between the Qatari ministries, authorities, and foreign governments. It serves as the representative for diplomatic missions across the globe.

Its overall aim is to be able to adopt well-established policies that will help the country achieve the highest levels of aspiration and preserve the interests of the people of Qatar. The end goal of promoting and enhancing international cooperation between organizations all over the world is to achieve world peace.

The MOFA is also responsible for consolidating the bilateral and multilateral relations of Qatar and to help in the important development efforts of the country across a myriad of varying fields. Not only should it be able to serve Qatari citizens abroad without fail, but it must also efficiently and effectively build the capacities of the MOFA staff in an assortment of diplomatic, consular, and administrative fields.

With regard to the highly important foreign policy principles, the Constitution of the State of Qatar emphasizes the gravity of sovereignty and independence, as well as the importance of defending the identity of the Arab and Islamic nations. This also involves mutually respecting international covenants in order to consolidate international peace and security. Furthermore, the ministry places great value in defending public and private freedoms as well as vital human rights.

“The foreign policy of the state of Qatar is based on the principle of enhancing international peace and security through encouraging the resolution of international conflicts by peaceful means, supporting the right of the peoples to self-determination, abstaining from interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and cooperating with all nations that seek peace”. – Article 7, The Constitution of the State of Qatar

Moreover, the State of Qatar is also a proud and active member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, working side by side with various organizations for strategic solutions to current Arab issues for overall peace and security in the region.

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