The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics – Qatar National Vision 2030

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics – Qatar National Vision 2030

What is the Qatar National Vision 2030 under the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics? Qatar National Vision 2030 was launched during the reign of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Emir, May God Protect Him, in order to lay down the foundations and to set a clear path for the progression of the country’s future. By making sure that both human and natural resources are enhanced, the vision aims to achieve sustainable economic growth along with social, human, and environmental development.

The main factor of economic development here means being able to sustain significant growths in the sector by keeping a healthy balance between an oil-based and a knowledge-based economy. This should effectively help in diversifying the economy of the State, making sure that business environments in all sectors are stable, vibrant, and thriving. By guiding the general direction that the Qatari economy should take, the QNV 2030 will improve industry competition, attract more foreign investments, and stimulate sustainable growth in all sectors. Sound economic management includes the following:

  • Sustained economic growth to guarantee higher standards of living for this generation and generations to come
  • Low inflation rates, efficient financial systems, and secure financial policies for fiscal stability
  • A thriving business climate with a healthy balance of foreign and local funds and technologies
  • Globally competitive economic structures with strong relationships in coordination with the Gulf Cooperation Council states
  • Responsible use of gas and oil products
  • Optimization of hydrocarbon resources
  • Economic diversification that reduces dependence on hydrocarbon products while increasing the design and development of a knowledge-based economy
  • Healthy environment of innovation, entrepreneurship, and academic excellence
  • Transparency and accountability in government
  • Social advancement for the welfare of all citizens
  • Enhancing the role of empowered women in Qatar
  • Equality in educational, employment, and career opportunities regardless of gender or background
  • Protection and preservation of cultural heritage
  • Protection of moral and religious values as well as humanitarian ideals
  • Uplifting the dignity of all citizens
  • Developing Arab and Islamic values and identity
  • Promoting equality and fairness on the principles of justice and the rule of law
  • Holistic and modern health care for Qatar’s human capital
  • A world-class academic system with educational programs for lifelong learning
  • Accessibility in educational institutions
  • Innovation, creativity, and participation in technological discussions that preserve the ethical values and traditions of culture
  • A strong, driven, and thriving workforce and business environment

Because of the initiatives set forth by the Qatar National Vision 2030, opportunities in all kinds of fields, business sectors, and corporate settings abound. For all of your concerns—whether you need to have required documents translated and verified by apostille or you simply need to have a strong liaison within relevant government authorities—it helps to have a trusted business consultancy partner to assist you every step of the way.

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