The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics – National Development Strategy

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics – National Development Strategy

What is the National Development Strategy under the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics? In line with Qatar National Vision 2030, the NDS aims to sustain economic prosperity with three interrelated goals: the government must be able to uplift the lives of Qatari citizens to the highest standard of living, entrepreneurial capabilities must be expanded and enhanced, and initiatives must result to overall economic and financial stability. Above all, these development strategies must be under the umbrella of sustainability, which means being able to provide for the needs of current generations without sacrificing the quality of living for generations to come.

In order to make this progressive dream a reality, prosperity must be properly sustained via the enlargement and enhancement of the country’s productivity base. Any threats that may lead to economic instability must be duly addressed head-on, and a healthy environment for cooperation with the private sector must be encouraged and nurtured for a more diversified economy.

Of course, building towards a secure and stable Qatari society must be done through integrated efforts that take into careful consideration social care and protection, as well as sound social structure and healthy international cooperation. The National Development Strategy therefore aims to establish cohesive families to uplift Qatari citizens at its core, all while protecting the civil rights of all citizens and giving the highest value on their respective contributions to society no matter what field of expertise they are in, at the same time protecting their human dignity in all aspects.

It is also the goal of the NDS to establish Qatar as a hub of Arab culture that preserves its national identity via a rich and thriving cultural sector. This is in keeping with Qatar’s goal of investing heavily in its people to ensure a vibrant social, economic, and political life for every person. This includes advanced health and education systems that are at par with global standards, as well as encouraging Qatari men and women in the labour force and allowing more foreign investment and participation in the work force as well.

Lastly, the NDS also places a great deal of emphasis on strengthened environmental management for the benefit of future generations. Initiatives include the conservation of water, improving air quality, managing waste properly, preserving biodiversity, and so on.

Because of all of the advantages and overall positive impact of the National Development Strategy, Qatar remains to be one of the most lucrative places to work, to build businesses, and to pursue further studies. Professionals and students alike flock to the country because of the attractive opportunities here, leading to a higher rate of foreign investments and corporate development as well. Whether you have academic or professional projects in Qatar, a trusted business consultancy partner can help you with facilitating documents, requirements, and important submissions along with translation and attestation services for your convenience.

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